Let me just say that, truly,...Snowball has made one of the most remarkable transitions in our rescue experience. Snowball's original owners were not too skilled at the basics in dog ownership -- She was caged most of the time and not properly housebroken. Finally, they contacted our friend, Pat Latourette, of PoopRescue, who referred Snowball to us.

Diane and Snowball get to know each other.

When she arrived at Diane Gonzalez's home in New Jersey, we had nine Eskies visiting, including The Angels From God. Snowball was a mess. She was completely terrified of us and of the other dogs and hid in her crate. After some coaxing, Snowball began to respond to Diane. And, Snowball's progress accelerated as soon as the Angels From God hit the road.

It took almost a week for Diane to convince Snowball to pee outside. Once she did, I was treated to a celebratory 7 am phone call...."Snowball made potty outside!!!!" We, in rescue, find pleasure in life's minutia.

We weren't sure what type of home would be best for Snowball....but, something unexpected happened. I was planning to drive to upstate New York to introduce Oliver to his new mom, and before I left, I took a quick look over my email. I had received an application from Susan Ulicny, who had been referred to us by Pat Cassal, of EskieFriends. Susan happened to live in that direction, and she was inquiring about Snowball.

This seemed to be the perfect match, so we agreed to meet. I bundled up Snowball and Oliver and, on a beautiful Monday morning, took a glorious drive through the Catskills. The day resulted in a magnificent double adopton....Snowball took to Susan immediately, and it was the happiest I had seen her in a while. By the time I made it back to Diane's in New Jersey, Susan had called with a wonderful report. And, a wonderful name change.....Katoya Liberty.....now that's a name!!! Here is Susan's first happy report....and Katoya certainly doesn't sound like the frightened, confused little girl that we first met:


Hello, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did. I'm writing to give you an update on Katoya Liberty. Currently to date we have overcome the indoor potty training. Katoya has been going outside on the grass for three days now. On the way home, Katoya decided that she wanted to drive. I persuaded her she was too young, and we agreed that she could lay on my lap for the rest of the ride home (she is so precious).

Once we were home Katoya got to meet her two older brothers (Blaze-lab/husky mix and Schnook-Siberian husky). After a lot of sniffing and licking, they decided that she was welcomed to their home. After two days of getting aquainted to Katoya's puppiness (running and jumping) they have accepted her as their sister. Our neighbor has a dog that gets out every now and then, he came right toward Katoya and Schnook cut right in front of him to keep him away for her. That night Katoya decided that Schnook was her bestest buddy and fell asleep on his back. He never moved.

Joe, my fiancee, has gotten attached quickly to her. I catch him sneaking her treats and hugs when he thinks no one is looking. Katoya seems to have her brothers wrapped around her paw. When she comes over to play or cuddle, they accept her and cuddle with her. She currently is chewing on her favorite bone while lying next to Schnook. He doesn't move even when she's thrashing about chewing her bone. I also seem to notice the Blade (9 years old) and Schnook (7 years old) seem to have picked up her puppiness. When we all go feed the horses I have three dogs running amuck around the pasture and two horses looking at them like they're nuts. Katoya has chosen her sleeping spot. In the middle of Joe and me. We have a king bed with three dogs. Joe and I need to buy a cell phone just to talk to each other. Now, who is the master and who is the pet?

Well, I want to thank you all for bringing this precious love into my life. I cannot imagine how anyone could give her up. Please pass this onto Diane. I want to thank her for taking care of her during her transition.

Lots of Eskie hugs and kisses,

Katoya Liberty and family