Kasey is such a good, sweet boy that he was adopted before we could even post him on our website!! I received several distressed calls from Mrs. Anna Marcy in central Massachusetts, who needed our help in finding Kasey a new home. Anna had owned Kasey since he was a puppy, and now she was moving to Canada to live with her daughter and wasn't able to take Kasey along. When I picked up Kasey, I could see how loved and well-cared for he was. And I had tears in my eyes as I left with him, seeing how upset Anna was.

Well, once I got him home, he proved his reputation -- what an absolute doll. I began scanning my applications and settled on Gwen Coleman and her family. The family dog, Mica, had lived to a ripe old age and was such a beloved family member, that I knew that the Colemans would be the right family for Kasey. Gwen and her daughter, Syliva, came to meet Kasey, and he adopted them immediately. This was one of the smoothest adoption meetings I can recall! And, the news from Gwen has been great -- here are her Day One and Week One reports.

Hi Denise,

We've had a busy 24 hours! The ride home was good, Kasey was very excited and loved being in the van. Directly after we got home, we went to Colleen's school to pick her up and let her meet her new dog. A teacher and several children came by the van to see Kasey, as Colleen had already told them that she was excited about getting a new dog who would be there to greet her after school. Kasey was a big hit at Dexter Park Elementary!

After we got home, Kasey explored his new house from top to bottom. Then we went outside, and Kasey played for an hour diving into big piles of leaves with the children. He has boundless energy and ran all around the yard, smelling everything. He was a very good dog, always coming when called, and never trying to leave the area where we were. He always answers to his name and understands the command, "Stay." Needless to say, we would not leave Kasey outside by himself, but only when we are out there with him.

Next, we took a walk around a large block (leashed, of course). Kasey still had a lot of energy left ove,r even after all the playing and the walk! We had a good laugh when Dad came home from work, as Kasey, already bonded with us three girls, tried to defend us from this "intruder" by barking loudly at him. Kasey seems a little unfamiliar with men, but he was quite happy to jump on Dad and lick his face after Dad laid on the floor, closer to Kasey's level. He's still barking at Dad whenever Dad first comes into a room, but Dad just pets him and gets some kisses, and we're sure that Kasey will soon understand that Dad is a member of his family.

At bedtime, Kasey went to sleep right at Gwen's feet on the master bed. When Sylvia came into the bed around 2 a.m., Kasey curled up right next to her, and we all slept soundly together until 8 this morning.

Colleen and Kasey are madly in love, and Kasey loves to jump up on her and lick her face. Sylvia is very concerned with how little Kasey eats and keeps trying to lead him to his dog bowl. (She is used to a big dog who eats a pile of chow!) Kasey has had a rather small appetite, generally just eating a few morsels of dog food at a time. Maybe this is normal for him, I don't know. But he seems healthy and happy, so I am assuming that he is getting all the nutrition he needs from whatever quantity of food he is eating. He is drinking lots of water.

We went for another walk this morning and spent another hour outside playing in the yard. Kasey went on trips with us to the bank, Walmart, and the grocery store. We left him in the van and spied on him from the window of the grocery store. He sat in the passenger seat, patiently waiting for us to return to the vehicle. Currently, as I type, Kasey is asleep right at my feet under my computer desk. Kasey seems very happy to be here, and we are very happy to have him here. It certainly looks like a match well made!


Gwen, Colleen, & Sylvia Coleman

Hi Denise,

Kasey has been here a week now, and everything is going great. He has calmed down substantially and is enjoying the attentions of the whole family. He has stopped barking at Phil (my husband) and sits curled up by his side on the armchair in front of the woodburning stove every evening. The first 3 days he was here, he was throwing up everything. I think it was just nervousness in adjusting to his new home, coupled with an extremely active schedule. I tried several different foods, and he seems to be keeping down canned dog food so long as it is beef flavored. He throws up the chicken flavor. He has his first appointment with the vet tomorrow morning, so I'll mention this to the vet as well.

Irma la Deuce checks approves the adoption.

Besides this digestive problem, he seems to be in very good spirits and very good health. He is having great fun playing outside with us and going on his daily walk. We've had no problems whatsoever with him. He sleeps well. The children absolutely adore him, and he has been a great help to them in getting over the loss of their previous dog, Mica. My little one Sylvia likes to refer to him as "Baby Mica." Please let me know if and when you post his story on the website, as my daughter Colleen is excited about seeing it there.

Thanks for everything,


Here is an update from Gwen and Kasey. Looks like Kasey had a great Christmas!

Hi Denise,

Thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of Kasey. He is doing great. We recently got him a playmate, a Norwegian Elkhound puppy. They have a ball together. Kasey is teaching her all the ropes!

We really enjoyed Kasey's adoption story that you posted on your website. It's sort of amazing to see oneself on the web! It's a great thing you do there, helping these eskies. I'm glad you were there to help me.

This first picture is of Kasey's favorite napping place over the holidays. He almost looks hidden in the picture, doesn't he?


Gwen Coleman