JoJo is a Biscuit colored, miniature American Eskimo. Heart Bandits Rescue saved him from the pound, and the rest is "history". JoJo came to me as a Christmas present from my mother. He had been an outside dog and his beautiful fur had been stained from the dye of a red rug. Grooming and love have made him into a beautiful dog. He has expressive brown eyes that melt your heart and exuberance that is a joy to watch. He loves to play with toys, chew bones, jump, run and play in the back yard, but most of all he loves to be cuddled and loved. He returns doubled any affection given him. He gets along very well with my cat, bird, and eleven year old Westie named McTavish. JoJo and Mac run and play and have a great time together. JoJo loves people and has never met a stranger. He is smart and learns quickly. I took him to an obedience class where he did very well. I would recommend the American Eskimo to anyone looking for a dog. They are loving, gentle, playful, easy to train, and in spite of the thick fur they are surprisingly low maintenance.