Jasmine (formerly Aspen) was pulled from a Dorchester, MA shelter by the Heartbandits team, Chuck Bruno and Denise Gareau. When we first saw her, Jasmine was painfully shy, and extremely frightened. She had been found running the streets of Boston as a stray, no collar and nobody came looking for her! As luck would have it, the right home appeared, soon after Jasmine returned to Chuck's home after her spaying. While at the vet, Jasmine had to be shaved because of the terrible condition her coat was in, and she also had a remarkable flea infestation. We were delighted when Robin and Ted Sullivan adopted Jasmine, and she came out of her shell immediately with Robin, Ted and their three kids. One of Jasmine's first outings was a local parade, where she made a big splash and behaved beautifully....here is what Robin reports of late:


Jasmine is a wonderful dog. We took her to the vet soon after we got her and the vet told us that she was more like 7 or 8 years old. But she is still quite lively. She has even started to play with her toys. She takes them in her mouth, shakes her head, and rips all the stuffing out. And we all laugh at her catlike antics, when she uses her paws to grab things and clean her face. We take her in the car a lot and to the pet store and she loves it. But when its time to come out of the car, she won't budge! She loves walks and everybody comments on her beauty, even though her coat is still short and ragged. We are very happy to have her.

Robin and Ted Sullivan