Jack is a gorgeous and robust male Eskie, who was found as a stray in Maine. He was dragging a heavy, rusty chain when he arrived at the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook, Maine, where he parked himself in a corner of his kennel and attempted to "stare down" the kindly shelter workers. Hell hath no fury as an Alpha Male.

After a few weeks, and a lot of estrogen-related patience, Jack gave in to the good will of the gals at the ARL. As time passed, he made wonderful progress and became a big, big mush. He was very friendly when I went to meet him and was very happy, indeed, about the big car ride. However, Jack was much too rowdy a passenger to ride in the front seat, so I pulled over and tied him into the back seatbelt.

And that is when he committed the sacrilege. Jack was so pissed off at me for relegating him to the rear, that he chewed a hole the size of an orange in the back of my passenger LEATHER seat. I was slightly speeding southward on Route 95 when I turned my head to spot Jack's big mouth full of foam rubber seating. Well...at least he was quiet.

And so...now...the spot has been memorialized with black electrician's tape and white magic marker that states: "Jack was here." You gotta have a sense of humor in rescue.

Jack meets George

Jack spent the night hogging my bed and annoying the four other residents to tears. At one point, he rolled over on Irma La Deuce and I feared for her life. I swear to God, I heard him snore. And, he was happy to be on the road again, along with Miss Sandie, to meet his new family, George and Josefina in Connecticut.

George had just lost his Eskie due to illness and the house had been empty for a while...maybe that is why it was so spotless. Well...Jack will fix that! George and Josefina were so thrilled to meet Jack...they had a bundle of toys all ready for him and he helped himself without the slightest need for an invitation.

Here is George's first report:

March 20, 2004

Hi Denise,

I was going to call you about Jack. I love him. He is great. He has adjusted very well, and spends his days chasing squirrels! He loves walking to the park where he has
made a few new friends. He seems to really like me. He follows me everywhere and
sometimes, I'm afraid I'm going to step on him!!. When I go to work in the
morning he likes to nap on his pillow.

Thanks for bringing him to us!