update: December 2002!

Jack was 8 months old when his owner accepted a new job that required him to move to Manhattan, work long hours, and live in a smaller apartment. Jack was at that "energetic" age where he needed the attention of his owner, and so, he was surrendered to us, with hopes that we would find him the home that could meet his needs.

It didn't take long for us to place Jack, once we had him in foster care. What a cutie, and so sweet and playful. We began chatting with Mike and Diane Couch of Upstate New York. It seemed like as if Jack would fit right into the Couch's household, so he began his journey.

Niki and Jack engage in tug-a-war while Toot provides commentary.

Jack's trek upstate was rerouted through Massachusetts, as I agreed to meet the Couchs in Albany. The geography of New England being what it is....Albany is equi-distant to Manhattan and Boston. After a fun-filled evening of five dog play, I headed out bright and early with the Angels From God, Sparky and, of course, Jack. When I wheeled into the Guilderland Reststop, I was eager to visit the facilities, so my exit from the car was slightly disorganized.

Mike and Diane rushed over to meet me, and clearly, this was the worst impression that The Angels From God and I have ever made at an adoption! As I opened the door, the AFGs executed a mass escape attempt, which the Couchs deftly helped avert. Sparky.....oye vey.....lodged himself between the front and back seats on the driver's side, and got stuck. Sparky thanked Diane for her help by nipping her finger. The barking was frenzied....and in the maylay...there was one, quiet, calm and well-behaved dog sitting sweetly in the back seat. Jack...the 8 month old puppy. I was pleased to inform the Couchs that the quiet one was their dog.

The meeting went well and Jack took to Mike and Diane right away. Our early reports have been stellar! Jack loves everyone and has spent much of the summer lounging by the family pool!!! Here is a short report provided by the Couchs:

Jack now loves to hang out at the pool...

This past weekend Jack met his two cousins from Buffalo. They all got along great! Jack is doing super. He is now housebroken and has slowed down on his water consumption. He realizes that the water is always there. He is just adorable, everyone loves him! I've included a few pictures.....Thanks again for all you have done for Jack.....

Mike & Diane

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Update December 2002. Jack and Parker are doing fine. Here is a picture of the boys playing with Mike and Diane's daughter Amy.