Ivy is a gorgeous Eskie girl, with a wonderful, playful outlook on life....okay, so she's hyper. At least, that's what the written report from the Brockton MSPCA said. Apparently she had bounced around from her original owner, to the owner's landlord, and finally to the MSPCA.

When I picked up Ivy from the shelter, she had just gone into full blown heat. So, we shipped her off to our "all girl's foster home," with Jeanne Corvese in Rhode Island. Ivy was one of the few dogs that Anabella, Carmella and Sasha all agreed to take under their collective wing. According to Jeanne, there were reports of bonafide playing.

After about three weeks, Ivy came to visit the Angels From God, briefly, prior to her vet appointment. The little girl was a bundle of energy and, somehow, managed to push Toot's and Nadia's buttons. And, believe me they were the wrong buttons. So, we moved her to our new foster home with Dee Willard in Weymouth, who had adopted Derek from us. Dee gets enormous credit and thanks for tackling and resolving the housebreaking issue!

During this time, we had been talking with Heather Baker about adopting Ivy once her heat period had subsided, and she could be properly vetted. And finally adoption day came! Heather and her two sons came to meet Ivy, and our little girl took to them immediately. And, with two active boys to soak up Ivy's excess energy, this adoption was made in heaven! Ivy was re-named Zoe -- which so suits her -- and she has settled into her new home in Cambridge, MA nicely!

Here are Heather's first few reports!


Zoe's first night was wonderful! The cats are not happy, but that had nothing to do with Zoe. Zoe was just being her very excited self. After I picked her up we went outside and she piddled. She then hopped into my car right between the boys. She sat there for most of the ride home, from time to time putting her head on my shoulder.

When she got to her new home she was thrilled. She met her other mother with big tail waggings and a huge peskie smile. Zoe and I went to our local pet store and picked up a crate. She was excellent at the pet store and got a lot of attention. She only barked at a couple of other dogs that were there. She was very sweet to all of the humans that were there, and I think they will all be adopting American Eskimos from now on.

This morning she helped me wake up the boys and had her outside time and ate breakfast. She is now at the groomers and is going to be even more beautiful than when I got her last night. I will keep you updated.


Hi Denise,

I went out today without Zoe. This was first time that I left Zoe. My sister was taking care of my sons and Zoe. The report from my sister was that Zoe waited on the carpet by the front door for my return. I was greeted by huge smiles and a little dance on her hind legs. People that have met Zoe this weekend can't believe that she has only been with me since Thursday. It's as if she has been with us since she was born. I will send you pictures as soon as I take them with the digital camera.


Hi Denise,

Well, I picked up Zoe from the groomer and she is just lovely. She had never been groomed before, so she was a little nervous. She survived. She is now my new shadow. She follows me everywhere. She gives me hugs and kisses now and is fitting in better then I thought. We are going to the head of the Charles today. I think this will be a great place to show her off.

more later,


Hi Denise,

I just wanted to give you an update on Zoe. She is doing great! I can't believe how well, and fast, she has fit into our family. I feel like I have had her all my life. She follows me everywhere. She lays down at my feet whenever I stop moving. She is warming up to her crate, even though she isn't in it very much. She has gone to the Head of the Charles with about 1,000 other people and she didn't act out at all. As far as her behavior, she is much more obedient when I have treats in my hand than when I don't. She does listen, but she is just so happy to be paid attention too that she can't help wagging her tail and not sitting. She is helping me wake up the boys every morning by jumping up on their beds and kissing their faces. She responds to me whistling for her; she knows her new name; she sits, stays, lay down, off, and the very best ... she dances on her hind legs. She came back from the groomer bright white... well almost. And the groomer liked her so much that she offered to re-bathe her for free in two weeks. I will send you picture of her as soon as I have some developed.

Hope all is well,

Heather, Zoe's Mom

Here is our latest update from Heather and Zoe...June 2002:

Hi Denise,

Well here it is 7 months later, and I finally have new pictures of ZoŽ. I can't tell you how happy I am to have her. She has been great to train and to help with the daily chores such as, waking up the children in the morning and keeping the floor around the kitchen table clean. She has really become a part of our family. I can't imagine my life without her. I am sending you all the pictures that I have of her for you.