Inky was rescued by Diane Gonzalez from an overcrowded shelter in Eastern Pennsylvania. The shelter workers loved Inky and pulled many strings to buy him time. When they called Heart Bandits to place Inky, he had been in the shelter for over three months!! Diane went to visit Inky at the shelter and was delighted to take him home with her! He was a handful, to be sure, but Diane and her family just loved him. It took a while for the right home to turn up. We had a few false starts with adoptors, and finally, the perfect opportunity presented itself. Diane ran into her friend Anita Karbett, who had just lost her Rottweiller. Anita was devastated. Diane had a gut feeling that Inky would help Anita heal after her loss, so she gently persuaded Anita to give him a shot. What a brainstorm this was, and how lucky Inky was to find such a great home! Here is what Anita says so far:

On February 2nd, I lost my 6 year old Rottweiller. He was such a major part of my life, along with my two four legged girls. My animals are my children. There was such a tremendous emptiness in my life until my special gift came into it. This special gift is my two year old American Eskimo named Inky. Inky has filled that void in my life plus some. He is a gentle, loving, intelligent little dog who is very eager to please. Apparently, his past was not very good. There are some issues that make me question humanity. Animals are helpless creatures and depend on humans just as much as babies do. Inky loves his two little sisters and is getting to know his ten cousins. I thank God for this great little animal for he is truly a gift. Also, I am extremely grateful to my friend, Diane Gonzalez who volunteers for Heart Bandits. Diane was informed about my loss and thought Inky would shed some happiness into my life. She was definitely correct.

I go to the shore with my babies every weekend, and Inky enjoys swimming in the ocean and even retrieves his ball no matter how far the waves carry it out. He is truly amazing. My boyfriend has two female Dobermans and just last evening, Sash and Inky kissed. This was a Kodak moment since Sasha doesn't give kisses too freely. I have had dogs all my life. There is no such thing as a perfect dog, just as we are not perfect people. Animals are true companions and loyal friends. Once they become a part of your life, they are part of your family. Thanks again, Diane and Heart Bandits!

Anita Karbett