Little Chloe is a former resident of Brooklyn Animal Care and Control, who was found as a stray in New York City about five years ago.  At the time, Chloe was about two years old. The ACC shelter workers reported that she had been extremely frightened by the shelter experience, and they were eager to put her in rescue so that she could relax and blossom.  

And so, Chloe, then known as Glo, joined a very crowded Eskie caravan heading to New Jersey.  Chloe immediately hit it off with fellow foster Eskie, Joey, and adapted quickly to her new circumstances.  As luck would have it, we had an adopter, Patty, who seemed to be a good match for Chloe, an she was anxious and willing to meet her.  We arranged an impromptu meeting on the road which certainly is not the optimal set-up for adoption, and yet, it seemed to make sense that we put Chloe in a calm home with a first rate adopter rather than stress her out in one of our multi dog foster homes.  So, we took a shot.

Patty was smitten with Chloe right away, and Chloe was immediately smitten with Patty's eskie, Buddy.  It was really hard to argue with this brand of chemistry!  And yet, we were just about a second away from finalizing the adoption, when I reached to pat Chloe goodbye, and she attempted to take a chunk out of my hand.  Clearly, there is no gratitude in rescue.

Patty took a leap of faith, and went through with the adoption, and now, 5 years later, we have a success story to tell! 

Hi Denise....

This is Patty from New Jersey who met you several years ago at the Vince Lombardi rest area and adopted Chloe.... who, by the way, just "clicked" immediately with my other Eskie, Buddy. AWESOME!  She took to me immediately! And I & Buddy felt (feel) the same about her.  A match made in Heaven.  She's a fiesty little thing... she even smiles!

That night that I adopted her was a trip!  Remember when you were tying her to my car door and when you went to pat her head, she snapped at you??? We got started home and I'm thinking to myself.... what the hell did I just do?  I think I just adopted the Tazmanian Devil.  I spoke very quiety to her letting her know that if she bit me we would crash the car and that wouldn't be good.  I used a very soothing voice.  I actually even told her when I was going to change the radio station BUT I would move my hands very slowly.  We got about 10 miles down the road and she came over to me, layed in my lap and fell asleep....  I fell totally and completely in love with her at that moment!

She is a spoiled brat!  She loves to be pampered.... insists on it, actually.  She loves to be bathed, groomed and told how pretty she is.  She prances around with her head held high.... she just knows that she is a PRINCESS.

She has such a way about her.  She is relentless when she wants to play with Buddy (who is 13).  She cozies up and rolls over on her back and slaps her paws at him!  Eventually he plays with her because he knows there's no way to get around it....  she WILL have HER way!  She's very smart, too.  Watching the transformation in her over these years has been an amazing experience.  I will definitely adopt again rather than buy from a breeder or pet store... there are way too many unwanted beautiful babies out there who need us!

Thanks for giving me the chance.  I will send you some photos.  We'll talk again soon.