Fugee's story is the stuff that miracles are made of! I was contacted be a distressed young Eskie owner who had fallen on hard times and had returned home to live with her parents while she straightened herself out. She had given up her beloved Eskie, Refuge, to family friends who agreed to adopt him. A few months later, this young lady received a phone call from a local shelter and learned that the family friends had dumped Fugee in the shelter. The shelter was able to trace her through Fugee's microchip.

She directed us to the shelter, and Diane Gonzalez was able to pull Fugee in the nick of time. He went home with Diane and began to charm everyone right away. After some time in foster care, while we treated Fugee for a bad ear infection, I received an applcation from Angela Young in New Jersey, who was anxious to adopt an Eskie but had never owned one before. Normally, I like to see some Eskie experience in a prospective adopter and, preferably ,experience with an Eskie that is way, way worse than any one I could provide....but, Fugee is just about as lovable and sweet as a dog can get, Eskie or not! So, we decided to introduce Angela and her family to our Fugee and see what would happen.

Our collective gut instinct was right on. The Young family loved Fugee and he has settled in beautifully...doing his best to be an Ambassador of Eskiness...setting a standard that other Eskies will be annoyed they have to live up to. Angela's first reports brought tears to Diane's eyes:

June 4, 2003

Hi Diane,

I was planning on sending you an update today so your timing is perfect. He is doing excellent, we had such a good time. He has bonded with me exceptionally well and loves to cuddle up next to me on the couch and have his belly rubbed. He seems to be ok with my son and my son just loves him to pieces. The funny part is that he has decided he is the boss of the canine group and my other 2 kind of give in to him. He also decided that I am not allowed to go anywhere without him, he is my permanent car companion. My son did want me ask you if you could not post the picture you took on Friday and wait till I send you one that includes him. He was a bit upset when I told him that you already took a picture but when I told him that I'd ask you to wait and post the one with him he was ok. Fugee seems to enjoy being with all of us, he's taking a bit longer to warm up to my son but he's making great progress. I'll email you a picture by the end of the week along with a formal update. Fugee loves our morning walks and gets excited whenever I have the leash in my hands.

I'll send more to you at the end of the week.


p.s. I could not have asked for a better dog.

June 25, 2003

Hi Diane,

It's me Angela Fugee's new mom. Boy do I have sooo much to tell you! Fugee is such a great addition to our family. His personality shines right through and he has learned to put his 2 little 4 legged sisters
in their places and I use the term little very loosely, they are an Akita Lab mix 2.5 yrs old and 90lbs and a Doberman Lab mix 1 yr old at
70lbs. Our Fugee rules the roost, he is so protective of us and let's us know when ever there is anyone near the house. He also warns everyone that grrrrrr this is my house and my family so be good them or deal with me. He is so good natured that I have begun to take him to visit my elderly grandmother who now resides in a nursing home and he is the hit of the floor, he visits some of the residents in their rooms and just makes everyone smile. I can't begin to tell you how much Fugee is loved and how pampered he is. No matter where I go he just as to come along and it gets hard to tell him know in the morning whne I have to leave for work and he wants to come with me.

I will send more pictures as time goes on. Please update Fugee's story on the website as we can't wait to share our happy ending with
everyone. As a first time Eskie owner I can tell you that they are a wonderful loving devoted breed and I will forever own one.

Thank you

Angela Young

Hi Diane,

I would absolutely love to share our pictures with you. He has been the perfect addition to our family, we couldn't love him any more than we do. This breed of dog is wonderful beyond words that I am trying to get my mom to adopt one, she's actually thinking of adopting Tasha. I'm including a few pictures I took a few nights a go and will send more with him and my kids tonight so can you please hold off on posting them until I send the rest of them.

You now have another Eskie lover for life.

Angela Young

Hello Denise,

Here are the pictures I promised, I have everyone ready to visit your site to read fugee's update and to see what a wonderful breed Eskies are. As you can see by the bone tug of war picture, notice how my 2 rather large dogs are arguing over one bone rather than take
the "little ones" bone, he is most definitely the "top dog". He actually is turning out to be a better watch dog then his much larger sisters. I can't express to you how much we love him and this magnificent breed other than to let you know that I am working it out with Diane to become a volunteer with your organization.

Angela :)