It was clear from the moment he joined the Heart Bandits foster family that Fin was an Eskie who needed a boy. And, finally, he has found Joey. Here is the first message we received from Fin's new family---


Hi Chuck!

We just got home with Fin about thirty minutes ago. We couldn't wait to write to you and tell you how great his introduction to our home was.

During the car trip, Fin seemed a little nervous at first, but within ten minutes he was already warming up to Joey. He sat on his lap most of the time, sticking his fluffy head out the window. We thought that was great-- he didn't try to stay on the opposite side of the back seat away from Joey where there was more room, he actually preferred being on him. He curled up and layed down a couple times, right next to Joey.

We stopped on the way home to give Fin some water, Joe walked him outside the store and when Joey and I came out Fin jumped all over Joey and did a couple barks like, "Hey! Where ya' been! What did ya get me?!" It was so cute. He really seems to enjoy the car. He hopped back in without a problem.

We stopped at Petco before going home to buy him a brush and a name tag just in case. (We bought the red heart one, for "heart bandits") He was great with the other dogs in the store and we bought him some treats.

As soon as we got him home, we let him check the whole house out and he ran up the stairs and down, sniffed all around. I think he already claimed the futon as "his couch". Then we put out his food and water dishes.

Then the big test - we let our poodle out and put them together. A few sniffs and Fin could care less - for all he cared the poodle could be a cactus. Chadwick wanted to sniff Fin too and they seemed fine! No growling, no biting, nothing so far! Of course we will let them interact a few times tonight and see how they do over the next few days, but I think it's going to be fine.

Then Fin shocked us all! He grabbed the ladybug squeek toy you bought him and did the little shake of the head thing and wanted to play! We threw it and he bound across the kitchen after it and came back to the living room and dropped it on my lap! Then Joey threw it a few times for him and he ran around the whole house with it before bringing it back - he was really having fun already!

Right now Joey is showing Fin the big back yard. I really think he is going to be happy here, and we're already falling in love with him. Tonight we'll go on our nightly walk with him, and tomorrow we will write to you again and let you know how he's doing!

Sincerely, Joe, Katina & Joey


Dear Chuck,

Just wanted to write you a note and let you know how happy I am with my new family! My new Mommy's name is Katina and she loves to spoil me rotten and take me for "free time" in the back yard. She loves to brush me. My new Dad's name is Joe and boy does he know how to rub my tummy! He even lets me sit on the furniture!

Best of all, I have a brother named Joey. What a pair we are - best pals! He plays with me all the time and we have a great time wrestling with my stuffed animals. He lets me cuddle with him and lay on his bed. I sleep in his bed or in his doorway each night just to make sure he's protected all the time. We go on car rides all the time. I love to ride next to Joey with my head out the window. Every night we all go on a family walk, and sometimes we get to stop at the fenced-in school playground and they let me run free around and around the field. It's wonderful! I look like a dog food commercial when I run! There's a few cats around our house, but I just ignore them. There's also an old timer poodle named "Chadwick" (fancy name huh?) He's pretty grumpy, but I just leave the fluffball alone. We visit lots of other family members, including the old folks home where my new Great Grandma and Grandpa live and boy do they all love me there. Everyone just thinks I'm so special - I get treats all the time..I tell ya' Chuck I've got it made here!

None of this would have been possible without you though Chuck. You and the rest of the gang at Heart Bandits not only saved me and kept me fed and alive, you gave me a wonderful life at your house and truly cared for me. Your kind heart and generosity gave me the chance to live a long and happy life - something you believed I deserved. You didn't just believe it, you went the extra mile and made sure I got it. I will never forget all the work and love you put into me. Thank you for the food, the care and everything you, your family and Heart Bandits did for me. Because of you, I now have a loving family that adores me, and we're looking forward to many years of happiness together! If you're ever in the area, stop by our home and visit us! Bring along some of the other guys too - I'd love to play with them again and show them my new home.