What Do American Eskimo Dog Owners Like About Eskies Compared to Other Dog Breeds?--

by Natalie F. Harris


Typically, the average American Eskimo Dog enthusiast loves the breed for its combination of beauty and intelligence. Eskies are among the most beautiful of dog breeds, but are definitely not what some people would call "frou frou" dogs. Despite the breathtaking beauty of this breed, many Eskie owners characterize their dogs as being "guy" dogs. Most Eskies love to roughhouse, and are good dogs for people who like large dogs but don't have the room for one. Eskies thrive on being constant companions, and many Eskie owners like to take their dogs hiking or jogging.


Many Eskie owners have affectionately given the knickname "Peskie" to this breed. Eskies have been described as being like toddlers in that they obey only if they want to; but many owners like the independent streak of this breed. Some owners describe Eskies as being "stubborn," "challenging," or "ornery," but these owners typically like dog breeds with these characteristics. Most Eskie owners are also willing to put up with the shedding; their love of the breed is greater than their distaste for finding white hair in the carpeting. If you want t a quiet dog that lies around and sleeps all the time, that obeys your every command, that stays in the backyard all day rather than in the house with you and your family, then the American Eskimo Dog is not for you. But if you want a relatively small dog that like to play, is interested in just about everything you do, and very much wants to be an active member of the family, then the American Eskimo Dog is a good candidate.