I'd like to say that I could take credit for Emma's adoption. I'd even like to give credit to a member of Heart Bandits, but to be honest, it was really an 18 pound girl with an incredibly fluffy, white tail who found Emma her forever home.

Emma's story begins when she was left tied to a tree in a Brooklyn dog run, with only a bowl of water and (maybe?) a wish that someone would find and take care of the little nine month old Eskie. Well, she was found by a nice young couple who took her in and called Heart Bandits to arrange a home for her. These kind folks brought Emma to meet Denise and Diane in New Jersey. Emma made her way to Massachusetts to stay with the Angels From God. Her first home didn't work out because Emma's puppy antics were too much for the family's 10 year old Keeshond. So, Denise went to pick her up.

By this time I had joined Heart Bandits as a foster home, and I invited Emma to join our pack. That's how Emma ended up in my home: one of the many foster homes for Eskies between the time they're lost and the time they find a forever home. Emma was here for a while, and maybe that's why Lucky decided to take matters into her own hands.

That day, as I carefully opened the gate to the driveway, I was mindful of Bear, who is always looking to sneak out past my feet, but I never thought to keep on eye on Lucky. After all, Lucky hates the car, and has everything an Eskie could ever need (amenities including a pool, land to roam, playmates, unlimited food, peanut chew bones, and access to all the furniture).

Lucky decides to take matters into her own paws...

Well, I'm sure you know who got out. I had barely turned around when I saw that sassy, fluffy white tail waving goodbye as she turned a corner and was out of site. Cursing, I hurried after her, mumbling to myself as she'd pause to wait for me only to gallop tantalizingly further away. To my great relief, she avoided the road and headed straight to the house-converted-to-office next door, waited on the stoop for me to catch up, and then disappeared in through the open door. By the time I caught up, Lucky had made herself comfortable on Dennis' lap and was waiting for me with a huge cheshire grin.

I apologized to the man (Dennis) who asked me about Lucky. Well, don't get me started talking about Eskies!! In ten minutes he had learned all about The American Eskimo Dog, and I had found out that his Akita had recently passed and he was planning to take his daughter to the North Shore Animal League to adopt a dog. I casually invited him to stop by and meet the reskies and took Lucky who sported a remarkably smug grin all the way back home. The rest, as they say, is history!. Emma and Lauren, with a little help from Dennis, Lucky and Denise are now together forever!