Dusty is a very special Heart Bandits Boy -- he was found by the side of railroad tracks in Lowell, Massachusetts, on July 10, 2000, by Jeff Durand and Heidi Atwood. Jeff was jogging and spotted Dusty along his route....Dusty was injured badly, could not walk, and was seriously dehydrated. Jeff returned with Heidi to bring him home. Soon after, Jeff got in touch with Chuck Bruno, Massachusetts Chapter Director for Heart Bandits, who asked them to bring Dusty to the Heart Bandits' vet at Bluestone Veterinary Clinic in Saugus, Massachusetts. An examination by Dr. Samantha revealed that Dusty had suffered a broken back! But there was good news--the nerves were not completely severed. Dusty had a good chance to make a full recovery with a lot of rest and loving care. Jeff and Heidi decided to adopt Dusty that day at the vet and to provide the care he would need. They took him with them that very dayso that he could rest comfortably in his new home! Jeff and Heidi report that Dusty is improving daily, and is now moving around easily, following Jeff and Heidi everywhere and is eating like a horse! Jeff has created a website for Dusty to keep us posted on his progress!

Another happy, happy ending.