Duke is a wonderously gorgeous standard male Eskie who was rescued by Chuck Bruno from one of the Massachusetts MSPCA shelters. He was meandering around the streets of Topsfield, Massachusetts, when Animal Control snagged him. Duke did not stay in our foster system too long. He was so friendly and outgoing that he was snapped up quickly by Ellie Razedvich and her family, of Hampstead, New Hampshire. Although the going was tough at first, the Razedvich family hung in there and gave Duke tha patient love that he deserves! Now, he is a loved and spoiled family member! Here is what Ellie had to say recently!


Hi Chuck,

Thought you might like an update on Duke. We had adopted him last April. He is living with us in Hampstead, New Hampshire, and after some pretty tough times (I think he initially bit us all)...he seems to be pulling through the "test" period. He is more trusting, nd is even getting along better with our Samoyed. He was obviously abused in his prior setting but is a real love to us all....My husband runs with the Samoyed everyday, and I walk with little Duke as much as I can. He doesn't like to run too much unless he gets loose and then sprints through our development (the good thing is that he loves riding in the car so he doesn't get far). We live in the country, and he really loves his home. One of the treats he loves is ice cubes! One of his problems (most likely standard to the breed) is incessant barking. We had our home painted in the fall, and the barking was quite a problem. However, we have been doing alot of work on control, and he is trying to work this out. He is a real joy, and I love him sooo much. He is the fourth dog we have adopted over the years from a rescue/shelter. I work in Pediatrics, and I can see the similarity of abuse/behavior in childen and animals With alot of patience, kindness, and love, one can go a long way. Oh--and his coat is so different now. He is groomed every month, and with all the good food, vitamins, etc., his coat is so pretty now. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful dog....Someday, we might be in the market for a mini-Eskie female....

Merry Xmas,


The Radzevich Family (and Duke of course)






Tyrone (left) with his Grand Dame Foster Hostess, Tara, Empress of Everything.