Derek is one of the best little boys we have ever had in rescue! He was rescued from Animal Control in Hartford, Connecticut, by Kim Bobrow and her mom Joanna Hamilton. Joanna called me to report that she and her daughter had spotted a joyous little Eskie at the local pound, just begging them to take him home! After some quick legwork, Kim and Joanna snagged Derek from the pound, and Kim brought him to Massachusetts.

When I first met Derek, he was truly a mess. Discolored and matted from weeks on the road as a stray, Derek needed alot of TLC and a bath! I was up 'til about 2:00 am brushing out his coat! I left the dubious task of naming this little cutie up to our webmaster, Ann, who promptly named him after Derek Jeter, of New York Yankee fame.

In the morning, I introduced this sweet litttle boy to his new foster mom, Dee Williard, who had recently signed on to serve as a Heart Bandits foster home. A week later, Dee was smitten and adopted Derek. And so it goes...another foster home bites the dust.