What a beautiful angel this boy is. He was surrendered by his owners because the kids got tired of him, and frankly, it sounded like he got a little tired of them and their friends, and began to show signs of grumpiness -- well ok, snarling -- here and there! So, Dakota came to stay with me for a wonderful week, where he charmed the Angels from God -- not an easy task. Even Nikita (who takes issue with every male dog that I bring in here) loved Dakota -- and the playing never ended!! I was dangerously close to keeping this boy, (eek, 4 Eskies!!!???) when Amy and Joe Baumgardner phoned-- and, suddenly, I just knew this was the perfect home for Dakota! Tanya Bryan and I, from the Massachusetts Chapter, met Amy and Joe at St. Hubert's Girard Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey last week. The Baumgardners drove to meet us from the Philadelphia area, and we spent a pleasant afternoon watching Dakota warm up to his new family. They absolutely adore him, and recently sent us this note:




Hey Denise,

Dakota has been a true blessing to Amy and me. We thoroughly enjoy him and I do believe he enjoys his new home. This week was perfect to spend with him since I worked out of my home. He is a true Lover!!!! We will email you some pictures once they are developed.

Amy and Joe

     Dakota and Denise say goodbye...