I first met Miss Daisy on a trip to the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook, Maine, when I was on a mission to spring a boy named Jack. Daisy had just come into the shelter because her owner was in jail, and she was on "hold" until the owner could be legally notified of her whereabouts.

After meeting Daisy, I assured my rescue contact, Susan, that I would return for her as soon as the shelter could arrange the appropriate paperwork. As it turns out, the owner could not be served in Jail...so Susan went to the "big house" herself to get the signature that she needed so that Daisy could start her new life.

When I picked up Daisy the next weekend, there was a swarm of shelter workers around her to say sad goodbyes...so loved was this sweet little girl. And, so I set forth on my task of "Driving Miss Daisy" and let me say, that the drive home was beautiful -- one of the first warmish days that we have had this early spring in New England, and Miss Daisy fell asleep in the sun's warmth as it beamed on her through the sunroof.

Daisy's online photos had smitten her new owner early on, and Dianne was most anxious to meet her new family member. She arrived with her alpha Eskie, Snowy, in tow, and it seemed that Daisy and Snowy were going to get along well. And, so Miss Daisy went home with Dianne and Snowy to face the ultimate challenge....Miss Sugar.

I hear from Dianne that all went well...although, Miss Sugar did express an opinion or two on the arrival of Miss Daisy, but nothing that can't be sorted out between girlfriends.

Here is Dianne's first report:


Daisy is doing great. When I took her home Monday night, my other dog Sugar was upset and not so nice. It only took a day or two for all three dogs to settle in. They do have their moments. Daisy realizes she has come into their turf and is somewhat timid at times. She is becoming more playful with them and they are testing each other's boundaries. Snowy is the alpha dog whom you met when I picked up Daisy. Sugar tried to be the alpha dog but Snowy put her in her place. Snowy is very sweet and loving just like Daisy. Sugar on the other hand is anything but sweet. Sugar is 15 pounds, Daisy is 22 pounds and Snowy is 26 pounds. So I have small, medium and large American Eskimos.

Daisy was going to the bathroom in the house when I first got her. I think she was afraid and didn't know what to make of everything. I crated her the first night and she urinated in her crate almost immediately. I changed the bedding and she just went to sleep without any problems. She must have been left in a basement because every time I go into the basement to do the laundry she would follow me and go to the bathroom. The good news is she has not gone to the bathroom in the house for four days. Since she now lives with a stay at home mom, she has learned that we have a routine and she goes to the bathroom outside. She still is being crated at night and does not mind at all.

Daisy went to the vet on Monday. She is doing well and is in very good health. She also went to the groomer's and had a shampoo and was brushed. She looks absolutely beautiful.

Daisy wants you to know that her new parents bought her three new toys at Petco and her new mom cooked chicken and mixed it with her dog food. She is a very happy girl and well taken care of and is being spoiled along with her two sisters.

I will try to get all three of my girls to sit together and send you a picture. Thanks so much.