Cory had a particularly rough start in life. His "common-sense" challenged owners surrendered this sweet boy to an over-crowded kill-shelter in New Jersey, where he was about to be put down, when Heart Bandits volunteers, Diane Gonzalez and Audra Eckes intervened. When Cory came to Diane's home, he was a very frightened boy. He had sufffered terrible neglect and was left outside all the time, where flies ate the tip of his ear, and fleas ravaged his beautiful, bear-like coat. During six weeks of TLC provided by Diane and her family, Cory made incredible progress! Not only did we observe his physical transformation into a beautiful Eskie boy, with careful attention paid to grooming and nutrition; but he regained his "Eskiness" -- that irrepressible, impish, playful quality that Eskie owners know all to well! We had many inquiries about Cory, but were taken with Tricia and Jeffrey Guzzo of Pennsylvania. Tricia and Jeffrey were eager to adopt Cory. When the final arrangements were made, we were so pleased with the match! These first-time dog owners are spoiling this special boy rotten!!! Here is what Tricia writes about Cory's progress:

Cory is learning more commands. He sits, stays, amd hi fives. We are now trying to teach him to roll rover and put away his toys. I think that might take a little while. At first Cory didn't go upstairs or in the basement. He now loves to follow us upstairs, but is still a little apprehensive about the basement. (We think he smells the dogs that were in the house before us. The lady who lived there used to put them downstairs because there are claw marks on the door.) He used to run around like crazy every time we went to the basement for something. Now he sniffs at the top of the steps. It shouldn't be long before he is running up and down those steps as well. He gets very excited to see us and loves to jump on us and gives hugs. Cory loves to be in the same room with his people. He will lie on the kitchen floor when I make dinner and follow me when I am done. He barks at our friends and family when they come to our house...but slowly feels them out and starts to play. He gets so excited for his walks around the neighborhood. He also loves to go outside and run aound in the yard and play ball. He sometimes barks at our neighbors; but we think that will soon stop because they bought a bag of treats for him. He has not yet taken the treats out of their hands, but it should not be long...because he loves treats. We are feeding him twice a day, and he is gaining some weight. You can not feel his spine as you could before. We took him with us to cut down the Christmas tree, and he LOVED it. He didn't even mess with our Christmas decorations... (except for a Santa hat with a big ball on the end that looked like his toys.) He is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you.

Tricia and Jeffrey Guzzo