Bark!!!!!!!!!Bark!!!!!!!!Hey, its me Cory, Julie Dvorak adopted me a little over a month ago!!!!! You guys had to take me to Penn. to met my new family!!!!!! Boy oh Boy you guys did a good job!!!!!! I love it here!!!!!. Every morning we wake up and go for a jog in this really nice park!!!!!! The other day we decided to get a quick walk in before it rained, but the rain came sooner than we thought and boy were we wet!!!!!!! But we still had fun! I splashed in puddles of mud and got very dirty!!!!!! So did Julie. Then she took me home, but before I could run around the house and play with the many, many!! toys I've got i had to take a bath and to make sure there were no nasty ticks and such. Lucky I didn't have any!!!!!! I have filled out a lot since you last saw me!!!!! you guys would be surprised!!!!!! But I really haven't gained that much weight!!!!! Julie took out 2 lbs of mats in my hair!!!!!! I'm not a fluffy as I used to be but she says It will grow back . At least she didn't have to shave me!!!!!!!

I'm still a little bit nervous around strangers!!!!!! I am very protective of Julie!!!!!! She is teaching me something called manners but i haven't quite figured that one out yet!!!!! Can you believe I have to sit and wait until Julie gives me her approval before I can jump up on the sofa???? Oh well, She is the "top dog" after all and what she says goes!!!!!!! I'm very good at listening to her I just sometimes want to do my own thing, which Julie says is ok but when she wants my attention i have to give it to her!!!!!!!!!Anyways, I just wanted to check in and let you guys know i am doing really well, and someday Julie says i might be a therapy dog!?!? I'm not exactly sure what that is but it sounds ok. Maybe when i'm a therapy dog I can eat chicken all day long!!!!! ( I lOVE CHICKEN) I like to take it right out of peoples hands!!!!! But then Julie gives me the look and i have to give it back!!!!! But no one ever eats it when they get their chicken back!!!!!????? I don't understand, if there not going to eat it why can't I??? Well its time for my nightly walk before I go to bed!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for caring for me and finding me a good home!!!!!!!!


Love Always,