Our little Cookie-pot is a real scene stealer. This little creampuff has stolen all of our hearts with her kooky behavior quirks. It is hard to fathom how such neurosis can lodge itself in such a cute little package!!!.

Cookie was sprung from a Long Island shelter by Audra Eckes after Cookie's owner died, and the surviving children gave Cookie the "thumbs down." She was very popular with the shelter workers. Unfortunately, she spent a few weeks more there than she would have liked due to our overcrowded foster home situation. Our first adoption for Cookie didn't work out.....something about rug-peeing and overturned plants.....but Diane Gonzalez was tickled to have this little girl visit with her in New Jersey.

After the first few days, Cookie had won over the entire Gonzalez family, including Diane, who took her everywhere with her. Slowly, we began to figure out Cookie's little quirks. Diane has earned the Florence Nightengale Award.....for nursing all her fosters through "the crud" .....some variation of stomach virus which deposits bloody diahhrea in strategic locations on pink carpeting. Miss Cookie managed to catch "the crud" two times.

Cookie cuddles with Diane's son James.

After a few weeks, Gertrude Goldrick, an energetic lady who lives near Denise in Massachusetts, emerged from the adoption applications as the perfect home for Cookie. Trudi waited patiently for Cookie to get well, and then was thrilled to meet her new little girl arrive at her new home. So far, so good! Trudi is getting used to Cookie's quirks, and Cookie is stuck like glue to Trudi! They go for long walks each day and enjoy visiting the elderly in area. Trudi keeps in touch and gives us frequent updates!