update! February 2010

Our boy Clinton is truly an example of the best in the Eskie breed. He was pulled for us from a New Jersey shelter by our rescue colleague, Samantha Chan, of Peskies Rescue. I picked up three dogs from Sam on this chilly Saturday, earlier this year, and was very pleased to see that Clinton was a good boy.

Sam had temporarily named him after our former President, and with her quirky sense of humor, it is hard to tell if the name was inspired by his buoyant personality, or by his incessant humping of her leg. Nonetheless...Clinton was a star and an absolute delight...a one in a million dog.

He made his way north with Charlie and Frosty, and did his level best to mediate the vehicular arguments between those disgruntled and recently neutered boys. It was a blessing that Charlie's folks were open to meeting me on the Mass Pike to retrieve their bundle of joy, because Clinton's negotiating tactics were quickly losing impact. Once Charlie vacated the premises, Clinton and Frosty settled down for a nap...and their chauffeur headed into McDonalds for a stress-induced cheeseburger.

Our first stop was home to meet the Angels From God. And, what a grand introduction it was. Clinton is truly remarkable. He charmed the AFGs into immediate playing. Toot was smitten. And so they dropped from exhaustion sometime around 3 am, in time for me to wake them up to get on the road to Cindy Halliday's in Maine.


I had a full day of meetings planned with adopters...but I had my eye on a great couple of seasoned Eskie owners, Barbara and Bob, for Clinton. The only problem was...Barbara and Bob needed some convincing. These folks had been waiting to adopt an Eskie for over a year...with one giant fly in the adoption ointment....a cantankerous and opinionated eight year old Eskie named Duke. I would have given these wonderful folks any Eskie of their choice....but all were subject to Duke's approval. After a few disappointments because I was weary of the Duke Factor, we agreed that they would drive up to Cindy's to look at an Eskie named Miko. This boy, destined to be dumped by his owners, at the last minute was given away to he was not going to make his appearance at Cindy's that day. Once again, I had to disappoint Barbara and Bob.

However...I just happened to have Clinton on hand....who was absolutely one of the best tempered Eskies that I have ever seen...and frankly, if Clinton could charm Toot...then he was a magician to be sure. It was certainly worth a shot...and a two hour drive. But Barbara and Bob were not too eager to take the trip now that Miko was not available. So I flat out guilted them into coming to meet Clinton.

And, their two hour drive turned into three hours. When they arrived with gracious apologies for keeping us waiting, Bob explained that they had been delayed because Duke had pooped up his pantaloons and required a roadside spongebath. Here was the embodiment of Jerry Seinfeld's routine about Aliens assuming that dogs run EARTH because of their humans cleaning up their poop. Imagine some random Martian watching Barbara and Bob scrubbing up Sir Duke at a roadside rest stop. Well....I have done it myself a few times.

Now, truly, I have never seen a more beautiful dog than Sir Duke. Not a hair was out of place and he was truly the whitest Eskie I have ever seen. And, don't think that Duke cannot work a room. He walked in like the king of everything...and hated everyone instantly. Cindy and I were sprawled out on the floor with Clinton and Frosty and I have never seen a dog pitch such a fit as did Sir Duke.

Barbara and Duke arrive...!!!

And, so we did what we always do in that kind of situation. We ignored him. As did Frosty and Clinton who started playing. Everybody was ignoring Duke. And, he was puzzled. It certainly did not seem to me that Duke was going to let Barbara and Bob go home with any dog at all...let alone Clinton. And, so, I felt that we needed to push Duke's limits a bit to see if it was going to be possible for these great folks to adopt a dog at all.

So, we brought out the Angels From God. One at a time...and I walked Nikita right up into Duke's face. Duke pitched his fit and Nikita straightened him out in short order and then we went for a walk. Four people, six Eskies...and no trouble. I got Duke's number. All bark. So, I began to think that Clinton would be a good choice for them -- if they were willing to let Duke run his mouth until he got tired...and let the Clinton-Duke dynamic play itself out.

They were still uncertain when they left...without an extra Eskie...but half way home, Bob called me from a rest stop to lay claim to Clinton. Duke was going to be pissed. And so within the next few days, Barbara and Bob came to pick Clinton up at my place. He has been a constant joy to them and a constant pain in Duke's butt. Duke is coming around more slowly than surely...but some progress is better than none!

And so Clinton has been re-christened "Gulliver," and his new life has begun with great love and joy. Here is Barbara's report.

Clinton makes his case to be adopted...

June 29, 2003

Barbara with Guliver and Duke.

Hi Denise:

We are having so much fun with Gulliver. He had traveled around so before coming to us that we thought the name was appropriate.

He and Duke get along and seem to respect each other. As you will recall, Duke is afficted with kidney problems. He is holding his own, healthwise, but is not up for full-out play. Gully has found a best buddy next door. Murphy was adopted as a puppy one year to the day before Gully, and they are the same age. Their energy level is amazing, and they run themselves into exhaustion, which is greatly appreciated by the older dogs with whom they both live.

I have been taking Gully to classes, and he is just about to finish Beginner 2. I am pleased with his progress, though he is far from being the Eskie version of Rin Tin Tin. But he is great with everyone, gets along with the other dogs, and is eager to please when he is in the mood (which is typically Eskie, as you know). He has a wonderful disposition, coupled with that Eskie independence which makes them so special.

Clinton and Murphy.

So, hopefully Gully will in time be able to become a Registered Therapy Dog, after all his training is finished. I think he will be a natural at this, as he has not yet met anyone he doesn't like. I'm also hoping to do agility with him, as he is just loaded with energy. Only problem there will be my keeping up with him.

Bob and I would like to thank you for your efforts in bringing Gulliver to us. He is just delightful, Denise. Any problems he came with are those we are able to deal with. I cannot get over how outgoing and friendly he is with everyone. That is very important to us, as you know our Duke has real problems in this regard.

Thank you again.


Murphy and Sarah


Update, February 2010

...As for Gulliver, he continues to be the love of our lives. I am attaching a picture of him in the snow, enjoying himself to the fullest, which you are welcome to append to his story if you wish. We have not much news to share, but once again want to thank you and everyone else involved for bringing him to us.

Very best wishes to all the “eskiesonline family” and special love to your pups. We do hope that all are well—you, too, of course..

Bob and Barbara