In August 1999 I was adopted by Beth and Stephen Ashley. I want to tell you my story. I love to run and play and dance. Some people say that I look like a ballerina when I stand on my tippie toes! I require a lot of love and attention as well as a little understanding. Sometimes I bark but isn't that what dogs do? Does that make me a bad girl? Some pet owners want a perfect pet, but I'm sure you have heard people say "I am only human, nobody is perfect!" Well I am only a dog. A very sweet, good hearted dog, but pets are no more perfect than people are. We all have good days and bad days. For all of you who expect that your pet be perfect, this is no more realistic of an expectation than your parents expecting perfection from you. If you give us a chance and a little love we will shower you with our affections and bring you all the joy that you will allow us to bring you. We don't care what you look like or what you wear, whether you are rich or poor. All that matters is that you let us love you. I was a very lucky girl because through Heart Bandits Nonprofit Rescue for Eskies I was given a second chance. Denise and Beth in New York rescued me from a sad senario in Long Island, where I had contracted a horrible, itchy case of fleas! And then, Larry and Mary Conklin and Chuck Bruno invited me at their homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts. These families expected nothing from me in return and only wanted to help me find a good home. It just happened that the Ashleys were looking for an Eskie to join their family, and Beth happened upon the Heart Bandits website, and learned from Chuck Bruno that she could adopt an eskie, and work with Heartbandits volunteers to railroad her to their home in North Carolina!! Beth and Stephen discussed with Mr. Bruno the different fosters that were available. Unfortunately there are way too many of us that have been abandoned and need homes.

(Chloe is so proud of her brother, Hunter)


Of course as you know, they chose me! I was the lucky girl this time. They chose me! One week later, after a long trip down to North Carolina, I was at my new house. My new family says that I am the best thing that has come into their lives. Me ... a dog that was given up by my first family (I still do not know why), a dog that is not perfect ... and they chose me. Imagine that! As I said before, I am a lucky girl. There are many animals out there who are not so lucky. When will they find a family to love and understand them? Please have a heart and adopt or foster an Eskie. We need your help! Just watch the amazing joy and happiness we will bring into your lives!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.

Love, Chloe

(Contributed by Beth Ashley)


POST SCRIPT: June 6th, 2000

In the last three months I graduated from college (for the second time!); we moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and I started a new job ... Chloe HATES that part! And we rescued our first Eskie from a shelter, fostered him for a week and got him started to his new home in Biloxi, Mississippi, this past weekend! Chloe has adapted well to our move. She LOVES her new house and expecially her new yard ... lots of bushes and trees to make her own little "forest" and there are lots of birds, squirrels, rabbits, and deer to keep her entertained. When she goes outside she "cases the perimeter" (she walks back and forth along the fence!) to make sure that none of those obnoxious creatures from the outside tries to jump the fence and enter her territory. It is sooooo adorable! This past week when B.J. stayed with us (the reskie) she was not even phased by him, no growling or anything. I was soooooo proud of her!

------Beth and Steven Ashley, Chloe and Hunter