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CHEYENNE tells his own story


Here I am, Cheyenne with my new family. It's hard to believe it's been a month since my new adventure began. Mom Coreen and big sister Precious have been very patient with me as I get used to my new digs. After some nudging and lots of coo-ing, big sis Prec has showed me how to climb the stairs!! I'm quite the big-shot now, and run up and down just for fun. I have to rock back and forth a few times to get enough courage to race up the steps, and Mom says I look like a leap-frog going down, with my legs sprawled out in four different directions! Days are fun! We start with an early morning walk, and Mom is teaching me how to walk on the leash like a gentleman.

Me and Big Sis Prec in the Back Yard

At night, we hang out in the yard, and bark at EVERY thing and EVERY person that walks by the yard. I think Precious, who's almost 10 years old, likes me barking - it gives her a break in protecting Mom! Oh, and guess what?? Mom doesn't eat MEAT!? Can you believe that? Although there are these people called Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop who come to visit lots (or we go there in Mom's car) and Pop-Pop always has great chew bones! I like Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's, and it's not just because of the "meat-thing." I'm a good boy and wait for Precious to eat first, because she is older and can't see so well. She doesn't move as fast as I do, but we are starting to have lots of fun playing now - if only she wasn't so BOSSY! It's nice to have someone my own size to hang around with (well, okay, I admit she IS a little taller than me!)

Above all, I have learned I am a good dog. Even when I mess up, I know Mom won't get mad. I try really hard to do what's right, but sometimes I don't always understand what people want me to do, but I'm learning! Well, gotta go and bark at more stuff. I'll write again, soon...!

Cheyenne (and Precious, and Mom Coreen)


Precious, Mom & Me at Mom-Mom's and Pop-Pop's at the Lake

Cheyenne and Precious star in the family Christmas card, 2000--



...I just found this picture on my PC here at work...I had forgotten about it. It was a snapshot in my backyard taken two months before my dad died. It shows both my parents, my niece, two nephews...and of course, MY beautiful kids....