I was called about a month ago by the Central Vermont Humane Society about Chewie. She was a very frightened five year old Eskie who had been booted out of the house by ungrateful owners. The shelter workers were all in love with Miss Chewie but were worried that she seemed so jumpy and skittish in the shelter. I agreed to take Chewie and enlisted my friend Lynn Esty to help with the transportation. Lynn and I met at the "usual" meeting spot in New Hampshire, which is conveniently situated next to a Cracker Barrel restaurant, that conveniently serves pecan pancakes.

After our "sit down" visit, I popped Chewie into her spot in the back seat for the ride to Maine. Our destination was Cindy Halliday's house, where Cindy and I were going to evaluate our three new Eskies, Chewie, Nemo and Frosty. Thank God, Chewie and Nemo were a pair of those rare "quiet," "calm" Eskies because Frosty was grabbing the lion's share of attention by acting up at every conceivable opportunity. Miss Chewie just sat sweetly, with a big smile on her face, watching the rolling hills of New Hampshire and Maine pass her by.

We spent the night at Cindy's, and Miss Chewie planted herself in a remote corner -- away from extreme Frostyness...which was annoying all the other dogs. But, mostly Nemo, who was the butt of Frosty's arguments. I have a nice baseball sized bruise on the back of my calf from one of Frosty and Nemo's discussions. But, Chewie was an absolute angel. And so, insanity gripped Cindy Halliday as she volunteered to foster Frosty.

Chewie was an absolute angel...aloof to Frosty and Nemo's arguments.


I went home with Nemo and Chewie to meet the Angels From God and Irma La Deuce. The AFGs had been excluded from this "Frosty" road trip for my own sanity sake. When I walked in the door, I was shocked that Chewie looks more like Toot than Toot. And, she developed a preference for all of Toot's favorite spots. At one point, Toot and Chewie looked like bookends in the black leather butterfly chairs.

Placing Chewie was going to be a snap...this little girl was an absolute angel. BJ and Carolyn Berendt, of Vermont, had made plans with me to meet Nemo, and right in front of my eyes, Chewie stole their hearts. Rarely has a dog so worked over adopters, and then gave me the "bum's rush" as she bolted out the dog with them, and took over their Toyota Rav4. Chewie had to be coaxed out of the driver's seat.

Nemo (forground) never had a chance with these adoptors. Chewie had already decided she was going home with Carolyn and BJ.

Chewie hopped in the driver's seat. She was prepared to drive the car herself, if necessary.

Well...this is the effect that the Angels from God have on foster dogs. Many rescues do well in their in their new homes just so they don't ever have to see the AFGs again. And, there went my Chewie, to her new home in Vermont...about 10 minutes from the shelter where she was dumped. Chewie was born to be a Vermonter. BJ and Carolyn are just in love with their new girl, and promise an update with pictures soon.


Update, October 2003:


Sorry it has taken so long to send you some pictures of Chewie. She is great! She has taken over our hearts and our home. Even our cat, Bear, grew to like her, well sometimes. Everyone that meets Chewie falls immediately in love with her and is amazed at how well behaved she is. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to love this little angel.

Chewie loves the outdoors. She loves joining us for hikes, kayaking trips and she LOVES car rides. She was the perfect addition to our family. Thank you

Carolyn, Bjorn, Bear and Chewie Behrendt