a New York City girl gets a second chance...


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When Heart Bandits volunteers picked her up at the Manhattan Center For Animal Care and Control, she was known as Chickie. Former owners had rather unceremoniously dumped her in this crowded shelter with a high "kill" rate. Straight from the shelter, her coat yellow and matted, she was wisked by cab to Grand Central Station at rush hour--along with fellow CACC inmate, Lily. A nerve wracking (for her rescuers) train ride followed, during which both Eskies behaved beautifully! Chickie eventually landed in Massachusetts, but spent very little time in her foster home. She was such a tiny, petite beauty, that she was snapped up right away by Debra O'Donnell and her family! Here is a recent note from Debra, and she promises to write more and send new pix soon!!

Dear Denise,

My husband Brian and I adopted Chanel on April 1, 2000. She is such a sweetheart. She is a wonderful companion for my morning walks. She gets very excited when I put my sneakers on. We are so glad we have her. Chanel is a very lovable dog. She jumps in your lap and you just want ot cuddle her. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We love her!

Thank you!

Debra O'Donnell

The O'Donnell's Christmas card, 2000, featuring little Chanel!