Poor Casper lost his home when his family divorced and were unable to keep him. After a tearful good-bye to the kids, Casper came to meet the Angels From God on an afternoon when they were hosting a party for their Eskie friends. When Casper walked in the door, he was greeted by nine Eskies and one Miniature Pinscher. Our rescue girl Tanya, in particular, developed an affection for Casper and she started to yap in his ear and drag him around by his leash. After about 10 minutes of the Tanya Romance, Casper picked up his own leash and tried to walk himself out the door.

Tanya just loved to pull Caspar around by his leash.

We persuaded Casper to stay, and promised him that he would be going home with Cindy Halliday, Ollie and Sweet Brie, to a place that was about 100 miles away from Miss Tanya. With that said, Casper retired to the laundry room where he could view the party from a Tanya-free vantage point.

Casper enjoyed his foster home and thought he was there to stay, when we got a call from John Schieman of New Jersey. John had recently lost is Eskie boy to a fluke cancer at the young age of 6. But, now enough time had passed, so that John was ready to move on and adopt a new boy. Casper seemed to be the perfect match, and so we made plans to meet and make the introductions.

Poor John ran into some of the most terrible traffic on his ride north to Boston, so we agreed that I would meet him partway. What a trooper John is -- and Casper was very glad to meet him indeed. John's ride home was equally awful but, apparently, Casper was good company. By the time the pair reached New Jersey, they were the best of friends.

Here are John's first reports:

December 12, 2002


It took us 9 hours to get home. For some reason the police closed the Tappaneze Bridge. In some ways it was good... gave Casper and me some good time to get to know each other. I brushed him and cut out the knots last night. He slept with me. Today, I gave him some new toys. He seems to be fine, coughing some though.


December 20, 2002


Casper is doing great. It's like he has been here for his entire life. He's
eating good and has lots of new toys. He also gets along with my other dog.

He's a joy.


New Pictures: 3/11/2003!


I have attached a couple recent photos of Casper. He loves the snow and getting his picture taken. He's doing great, lot's of energy! I'm glad I happened to stumble onto your website.