Our little Bunny was aptly named because she first greeted our volunteer, Audra Eckes, with a series of joyful hops at the Brooklyn Center for Animal Care and Control. Bunny was extremely agile and energetic despite her broken leg and splint!!! Isn't that just the eskie spirit!

Bunny spent some time with Samantha Chan, who had her leg checked out by the vet. Sam was glad to hear the the leg work had been well-done and that Bunny was in good shape. Soon therafter, we began talking with Carol Hamrak about adopting Bunny.

Carol and Bunny made fast friends, and soon, Bunny found herself re-christened "Anastasia" (appropriately named after Russian Royalty and...thank improvement over "Bunny." So far, so are Carol's first reports!!


If you don't already know, I have adopted Bunny, (now Anastasia). She is absolutely precious; I believe the match is a good one! Samantha is a wonderful person and makes a terrific foster mommy. She's already called me to check up on Anastasia and make sure that I get her leg checked out. I can see why she's a foster mom. I have an appointment with my Vet tomorrow and will keep everyone posted on Anastasia's progress.




It was good speaking with you today! I can tell that you miss Bunny very much. I can see why, she is so sweet. I called Dr.Weiner's office and am having them fax over Bunny's information to my veterinarian Dr. Lawrence Zola.

One of the first things we did was to cut her CACC tag off of her neck. When we did this, she responded as if she had been rescued and taken out of bondage. I will keep this along with the blanket we brought her home in as a memory. I cooked her a chicken and rice meal when she first arrived; she enjoyed every morsel. So far, she's been taken out for several walks and does her business very nicely. She's had no accidents inside so far, but we'll continue to work in the housebreaking area. I can tell she has no problem being groomed, unlike my Pomeranian, who use to growl and put up some fights. I combed out one of the knots she had on the back of one of her ears, and she didn't even flinch. She loves to sleep on the bed with us, but unfortunately she likes to stretch out, and the bed just isn't big enough for all of us to sleep comfortably. Every time she stretches, she hits me with her injured foot; it's actually kind of cute. We haven't had to put the satellite dish on her head too often, because she seems to respond to "no" pretty well. We've wrapped her leg with some additional tape. Were you aware that she does tricks? She sits and lay's down. We haven't heard her cute bark that you mentioned yet. I can tell she's starting to get used to us. She gave both of us kisses on our faces this morning. I honestly don't see there being any major problems with her, at least nothing that a little training. patience, and love can't solve.

It is nice to see that you are so concerned about her. Rest assured, she is in good hands and will be very well taken care of!

Lastly, we've changed her name to Anastasia, because to us, she is a princess!

I will call you tomorrow to let you know what our veterinarian says about her.

Kind regards,