I have never seen an Eskie work a room like our BudLove. Little Buddy was found traversing foreign ground in the Boston suburb of New Bedford, where he was snagged by Animal Control. There, he was adopted by a Rhode Island family who were so smitten with him that they fell in love at first sight. Never trust love at first sight, I say, because it never lasts! Buddy apparently wore out his welcome and was passed along to another Rhode Island family. All in all, Buddy had three or four homes within a few months, before this group of Rhode Island nurses threw in the towel and called us.

I drove down to Rhode Island to pick up Buddy and prepared myself for a pain in the ass of global proportions...according to the reputation that preceded him. And, the little brat jumped right in the car and gave me a big kiss on the nose. Well, he may be a pain, but he is a swell kisser.

By the time I got home, he had been christened BudLove because he rode with his head on my shoulder the whole way home. Budlove was guilty of a Shirley Temple kind of sappy sweetness...dare I say, that BudLove is irresistible.

Toot decides Buddy can stay.

To my utter shock, the Angels of God thought so too. Toot actually gave the "thumbs up" on Budlove's adoption, should I have been so inclined. And, Budlove marched squarely into the closet and looked Nadia in the eye without inciting the usual riot. And, so, I went about the process of diagnosing his behavior problems that had resulted in him having been given the bum's rush four times.

I concluded that BudLove's exuberance and playful puppy nipping, and overall joie de vivre, had been lost on these good-intentioned, but not Eskie loving people. And, so the trick was going to be to find an adopter with a lot of attention to give, willingness to train...and most importantly, another enthusiastic dog to siphon off BudLove's energy.

Terri meets Buddy

I had been in touch with Terri and Mark of Western Massachusetts, who had just adopted an energetic nine month old female black lab from one of the local shelters. They were crazy about their Nikki and were hoping to add an Eskie to their family for comic relief.

And so, I drove out to meet Terri and introduce BudLove to Nikki. What an introduction! Buddy and Nikki bonded immediately and roared through the house playing at breakneck speed. I have never seen two dogs fall in love so quickly...not a snap or a snarl...just pure, joyous and loud playing!

Nikki meets Buddy.

Terri reports that Buddy fits in like he has been there forever...and it goes to show you that there is a great match for absolutely every dog!

Here is Terri's first report:

March 20, 2004

Hi Denise,

Nikki and Buddy are doing great together. They are inseparable. If we try to separate them they whine-- it is so cute. They play as they did that first day. It's like they are truly brother and sister. They have separate bowls for eating but they eat from the same bowl and then move to the next together. It is so sweet. When we bring them outside they run around and play. They truly are a joy to have.

Thanks so much!

Terri, Mark, Nikki and Buddy