The Angels From God


Years ago I nicknamed my three Eskies, "The Angels From God" because the notion was so wildly inappropriate. "Angelic" is just about the last word that one would use to describe the "Angels From God," and yet, it was somewhat appropriate because I know that the Heavenly Father has a rather sarcastic sense of humor, judging from the consistent inconveniences that he dumps in my path.

Most of the time the Heavenly Father is annoying the hell out of me...but occasionally, he reminds me that, He is, in fact, the REAL adoption coordinator of Eskies Online...of which this adoption story...of Tristan and proof.

Recently I was in a rather difficult situation. I had several rescues in the works, and through one of the Heavenly Father's perverse jokes, I wound up with all the dogs in my one bedroom apartment. And, just when I was losing the last quarter of my mind....In comes Tristan. Now, Ann always accuses me of being over is absolutely true that Tristan was the worst foster dog that I have ever had. And, I have had hundreds of foster dogs. And, it was not my opinion alone...Nikita was driven into a state of dementia.


The "angelic" Tristan

Tristan was rescued from Animal Control in Burlington, Vermont, by our friend Lynn Esty, who jumped the gun on his pickup by about a week. So, I had to take Tristan from Lynn in the thick of my Eskie explosion. I said to Ann..."How bad can one more be?" I have to learn not to ask this type of question within earshot of the Heavenly Father..because...that's His golden opportunity to stick it to me.

Tristan entered my house like an upstart Wiseguy -- "Tristan Soprano" wanted to be boss...but, he didn't have the necessary credentials...and he wouldn't take no for an answer. Nikita, Nadia and Toot hated him on sight and there was hysteria, barking, fighting, howling, spitting, pistol whipping, and I swear, sword fighting going on in my living room. I had never seen anything like it. Usually, any alpha dog that comes in here settles in once he gets his or her AFG trouncing...but not Tristan. He actually came out on top in a few altercations at five to one odds. He weighs 19 pounds. many fighting Eskies, you couldn't tell which end was up...

The stress was building. I was desperate enough to turn to Diane Gonzalez for help. But Diane was preoccupied with personal issues and unable to take on a tough dog right at that moment. I was coming completely unglued because the situation was deteriorating by the minute. I try not to involve Diane in my nervous breakdowns, because her pragmatic approach to life...her unbelievable problem solving skill....makes me feel a bit like a drama queen. But, between you and me, entertaining six fighting dogs in a 618 square foot, one bedroom apartment can drive a girl to drink. eat ice cream.

And so, I found myself taking refuge in my car, in my building parking lot, with a pint of Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream. I may be the first person in history to be emotionally evicted by her own dogs. It was time to become a drama queen. I called Diane and screamed that she had to take Tristan immediately. I gave her a litany of reasons. She agreed but stopped speaking to me.

I drove to New Jersey to deliver Tristan to her at the Vince Lombardi rest stop....and the meeting was chilly. And then she gave me a diet lunch and two bottles of water. That is typical Diane....she can be pissed off at you and feed you at the same time. As she drove off with Tristan in tow...I felt the burden of Job lift from by shoulders.

Soon, I called her to see how Tristan was ruining her life...and she was very chipper when she replied, "He's doing great, he and Happy are playing." Apparently the terror of Tristan was reserved for me alone. At last we were finally able to observe Tristan in a more agreeable frame of mind. And, I figured that the blame for the melee at my house lies in part at the paws of the Angels From God. Soon Tristan was moved to Terri Laird's house, for further observation, and he seemed to be a different dog...either that, or Diane had Dr. Keefe give him a lobotomy. But, Terri is one of our best foster homes...and I would take her word to the bank. She told us that Tristan was a doll. That certainly improved his chances for adoption!!!

By this time, we had been talking to Brian and Lisa Haggerty of Vermont for a couple of months, and they were ready to adopt...and they wanted Tristan. And...they were located about 15 miles from the shelter which had Tristan in the first place. Apparently Tristan was destined to navigate the globe before finding his forever home right where he started. The plans were made to meet.

In the meantime, I was contacted by a beleaguered woman in Massachusetts who needed to put her Eskie, Buddy, into rescue before he became an appetizer for her 105 pound Labrador Retriever. I rushed down to get Buddy and was just stunned. He was tiny, cute, and had no issues. Buddy was a living doll...and I daresay the BEST foster dog I could ever have. Everybody wanted Buddy. People in California, Texas, Florida....all wanted Buddy. Out of dozens and dozens and dozens of calls and emails, I settled on the best home and arranged for these New Jersey folks to meet me at the same spot where I was scheduled to meet Terri Laird to pick up Tristan. The ideal plan was for Buddy to be adopted, and then for me to take Tristan to meet Brian and Lisa Haggerty. Nikita had warned me that he would lock me out if I tried to bring Tristan into the house again.

Then, Buddy's adopters blew me off. Can you believe it? Complete no shows...never called never contacted me again. This was why I happened to have Buddy with me when I met Brian and Lisa Haggerty. He had been stood up.

Well, I liked Brian and Lisa immediately. It is hard not to like these folks...they are such great dog people and exude such positive energy. Tristan took to them right away, and I knew that this was going to be a home run adoption. That's when the Oprah Light Bulb moment occurred. I thought....who is nuts enough to want only one Eskie. And Buddy is a one in a million dog...and Tristan needs a pliable playmate. That's when I told them that they should adopt Buddy too.

They were very matter of fact about it...ABSOLUTELY! I think they said. See, I love folks that can make a snap decision...especially when it is the decision that I want them to make. And so, I brought Buddy out of the car...sat him in Lisa's lap and let matters take their own course. There was no more discussion; Lisa and Brian signed the adoption agreement.

And, Brian and Lisa went home with the worst and best two dogs that have ever graced my premises....the sublime and the ridiculous. It was a match made only in Heaven. I was choke sobbing when I read the Haggerty's update. This is the reason I do rescue.

July 6, 2004

How wonderfully busy & happy our household has become! With the addition of Tristan & Buddy (AKA "da boyz"), there is never a dull moment in the Haggerty household (except at naptime - even Eskies need to recharge their batteries sometimes!). A visit to the vet last week revealed two very healthy & happy boys. Tristan behaved beautifully with the vet, thanks to Daddy's help. We have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with his adjustment to his new life in Vermont. He loves his yard, his new playmate, Buddy, and is slowly becoming friends with our cat Charlie. Charlie was very apprehensive at first, but has come to enjoy having staring contests with Tristan - I think Charlie wins everytime. Tristan just can't sit still THAT long!

Buddy is also doing great in his new home. His vet visit also went well. Upon his return from his shots & tests, he immediately jumped into the safety of Mommy's arms, and peed all over her! No problem, Buddy's charm and just downright cute face melt hearts everytime. He is behaving very well and is enjoying running in the yard with his new "brother" Tristan. They run so fast, they look like white lightning in the yard. Buddy always manages to out maneuver Tristan in the sharp turns!

As far as socialization goes, they are both doing amazingly well. Mommy & Daddy took them camping for the 4th of July weekend in upstate New York. They both loved the campsite & Tristan especially enjoyed the man in the next camp. (He gave them a little hot dog treat!). Buddy wasn't so impressed with the fireworks - no, he wasn't scared - he fell asleep on his Mommy's lap during them! The weekend's socialization "test" continued on the 4th when they attended a birthday party for a friend's 3 yr. old son, complete with 14 other children in attendance. Yes, we had some reservations about this "meeting", but once again, they behaved beautifully, as long as they were the center of attention (which they were!). At one point, Tristan was sitting in the grass next to the birthday boy licking his face off! Tristan LOVES to give kisses! Buddy spent the afternoon being his usual cute self. He is still slightly gun shy of new people - we think he still has some PTSD from his Labrador experience.

We can't thank you enough for all the wonderful things you do to help find homes for these great little guys. May God bless you.

Brian & Lisa Haggerty

PS: Here are some pictures of "da boyz". We'll send more pictures as their adventures continue!

Hello, Friends at Eskies Online!

Hey, evenybody, Tristan here. Buddy & I just wanted to send a quick update and tell you how we're doing. It's been about 7 months now since our new mom & dad brought us home & we love it here in Vermont! We have a big back yard where we get to run and jump and play everyday. It's fenced in so we don't get carried away and wander too far from home. One of our favorite games is chasing each other. I'm way faster than Buddy, but he can change direction quicker which usually leaves me skidding around to catch up with him. He's so tricky.

We had a great Christmas & got some really neat toys. Mom took this picture of us Christmas morning playing with a fleece tug rope. I have always loved to play, but Buddy didn't like to play too much when we first got here. Boy, has that changed! He actually steals toys away from me now and I let him (don't let the other Eskie alpha males know that - it will ruin my reputation). Well, gotta go. Time for me & Buddy to chase each other aruond the house some more. We play hard, but we also sleep hard (usually curled up between mom & dad!

Thanks to Denise, Diane & everyone at Eskies Online for finding us such a great home! You're the best!

Tristan & Buddy

March 2005


Buddy & Tristan have settled in extremely well in our home & have become great family members. They are both very happy & healthy. Tristan has grown into a beautiful Eskimo - spunky but very smart! Buddy is a little cuddle-bug who loves to snuggle anyone whose lap he can finesse his way into.


I've included a couple of pictures of "da boyz", including one with their big brother, Charlie the Cat. The other two are from their first Christmas with us. They had a ball with their new tug toy and surprisingly, sat and listened to me read the entire Polar Express book to them! Best of luck with the program - we think you are doing a terrific thing.

Sincerely, Brian & Lisa Haggerty