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Cottonball was found as a stray in a rural section of Massachusetts, almost on the Rhode Island border. Local Animal Control workers brought him to a shelter and waited for his owners to claim him, but. nobody did. Chuck and Denise, Tara, and the Angels From God--Nikita, Nadia and Patootie--ventured out to meet Cottonball last month and were pleasantly surprised at what an amiable fellow he was -- and, very very pretty! After a visit to the vet for neutering, Cottonball met his new family! He is a lucky boy! Stephen and Melinda LaPointe, and their eleven year old Samoyed, Bearby, drove several hours from their home in Norridgwock, Maine, to meet Cottonball at Chuck Bruno's home in Massachusetts, and it was love at first site! The dogs got along famously, and the LaPointe's were thrilled to add Cottonball to their family! Recently they sent us this update!


Dear Chuck--

Here's a couple of pictures of Cottonball, now known as "Buddy". Buddy rode home with us on Saturday--just as good as gold. He fits right in our family just like he'd lived with us for years. Buddy is a very good boy and., so well trained. He loves running around his big back yard, chasing his bunny, and playing ball with his new big brother Bearby, our 11 year old Samoyed. Since we lost our first Eskie, our big dog Bearby has been so depressed--not eating well and not wanting to play. Now with our new little Buddy, he's running with him around the back yard and playing with his ball and eating all his food. He's been a real pick-me-up for all of us. We love our new little Buddy very, very much, and he's loving every minute of being spoiled rotten by all of us. He and Bearby get along great--like they've been brothers all their life! Thank you so much for giving us our precious little Buddy.

Mindy and Steve LaPointe

here's the latest on Buddy from Mindy and Steve--

Dear Chuck,

Thought you might like to have an update on our little "Buddy" (aka Cottonball.)

We've had little Buddy for 12 weeks now and it's as if he's been here all his life. He knows his name "Buddy" and is so well behaved. He and his brother Bearby help me in my shop everyday. Everyone comments on how good they are when I'm working. I've enclosed a picture of them laying in front of the windows in my shop--this is their spot. We do alot of traveling on weekends and Buddy's taken to camping very well. As you can see from the pictures, he likes to pose with his brother at all the scenic lookouts. He's also very well behaved when staying in cottages and motels. He knows that barking is not allowed--he's happy just to sleep on the bed between us. I think we should have called him Snuggles.

Buddy's also been to our vet's and had the "presidential" physical. His teeth were in pretty bad shape. He had to have 15 teeth removed. I thought he wouldn't have any left when they told me--but apparently dogs have about 33 teeth so he still has quite a few. It looks like he might have chewed through one of those rubber coated cables. That's probably how he became a stray! While he was knocked out for his teeth I told the vet to x-ray his leg (right rear). He had a tendancy to hold it up when he ran. When I saw the x-ray I was all but sick. Some time ago he had broken his leg (the bone above the knee) and it had never been set. Dr. Gibson said there was nothing that could be done to repair it--and it wasn't causing him any pain. He runs like the wind so I guess it doesn't hurt him, but that leg is about 1 1\2 inch shorter than the other. That's why he holds it up. It's awful to think of the pain that poor little thing must have gone through.

After all that, the vet said he's in good shape. Buddy's a healthy and happy little guy and we give him lots of love and kisses everyday. He fills a big hole in our hearts that our other Eskie left. And we're so happy to have found him. It's as if you knew he was to be our baby.

Hope you and your family have a good Holiday season.

We'll keep in touch.

Mindy and Steve, Buddy and Bearby


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