Brandy is not a lucky boy. His owners had planned to put him to sleep because they were moving to Florida...and the grandkids are allergic to him. They assumed that nobody would want him, so they opted for the needle.




Brandy's personality is simply amazing. He has been much loved, and well-cared for. He is extremely well socialized, and has a fairly calm, submissive temperament. Brandy has been raised with kids and cats. He is fine with other dogs as well. He is a good watch dog, but he is a friendly boy with no inclination to actually munch on strangers...unlike some of the more self important members of this breed.

Fortunately for Brandy, a concerned family member stepped forward to contact us and we agreed to find this wonderful ten year old boy a new home. Brandy is a beautiful standard sized Eskie, a long legged boy, who measures 18 inches from toe to shoulder. His stance is beautiful, but tragically, his owners had him shaved prior to a Florida trip. As a long time eskie enthusiast, I must tell you eskie neophytes, that it is never, never wise, nor necessary to shave an eskie. The lustrous, beautiful coat provides much needed protection from sun and heat in summer, and from the cold in winter. However, the most obvious drawback to a shaven eskie is the "weedwhacker" haircut, which Brandy wears proudly. Once his coat regrows, he will need a couple of grooming sessions to shape and restore his coat to its former glory.

Brandy is in excellent health. We have a full vet history on him, and he is neutered, up to date on routine vaccinations and has been on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. He is crate trained and housetrained, rides well in the car and knows some basic obedience. This boy would be a wonderful addition to any family that has a big enough collective heart to welcome an older dog.

Older dogs are amazing companions. They are well past the puppy chew stage, and in general, are calmer than their younger counterparts. With careful attention paid to diet and excercise, Brandy will bring many years of joy to his adopters.

If you are interested in Brandy, please phone Denise at 617-216-9483