We were first made aware of Bobo's plight by a concerned rescue volunteer in North Jersey during our Exodus to the Heartland. His family was absolutely exasperated with Bobo's Eskie antics. They felt that they had done absolutely everything that they could to train the Eskiness out of him.....but Bobo had other ideas. After several spirited arguments with a child or three.....Bobo had to go.

And so, our New Jersey action team, Diane and Willie Gonzalez, intercepted Bobo and took him home; whereupon, Diane described him as a "handful." And, then came foster girl, Sugar....who caused Diane to redefine the term "handful." By comparison, Bobo was promoted to "an example of good behavior." And, an amazing phenomenon occurred. Bobo and Sugar started to play. And play, and play, and play. They kept each other occupied and surprisingly, the behavior quirks began to subside.

So, we began to surmise that Bobo needed to be part of a multi-dog household to alleviate some of the boredom and fidgetiness that was contributing to his mischief-making. Pretty soon, we had the perfect home in mind. Anne and Patrick Murphy of New Jersey contacted us and told us the sad story of how they lost their beloved Eskie, Chance, to an age-related neurological disorder. We loved the fact that Chance had been rescued by the Murphys from their local dog pound! And, by their account, Chance was a "handful;" although, he was lovingly remembered as the sweetest dog on the planet!

So, Diane and I took Bobo to meet Anne, and her Samoyed, Sammy. Bobo fit right in. And he seemed to befriend Sammy in between romps around the spacious fenced in yard. We spent a delightful afternoon with Anne and Sammy, and then paid Bobo our tearful goodbyes. Diane made sure to warn Anne to put her teddy bear collection out of harm's way, because Bobo has a stuffed animal fetish. We were pleased to hear that thus far, Bobo has had the good sense to ignore the teddy bears. Anne, Patrick and Sammy just love Bobo, and here is their first report:

Sammy, Bobo's new Samoyed brother.

Diane introduces Bobo to Anne.

Hi Denise:

So far so good..........I left the crate door open last night with a blanket in front of it: he didn't touch anything. The only thing we have had to discipline him for is going on the furniture. We just firmly told him NO, and he jumped down. My husband Pat told him NO today for jumping on the chai,r and he showed his teeth not to growl but like he was smiling...I read in a dog book that this is a sign of fear...He is already enjoying the backyard...Please tell Diane I will be calling her to make arrangements to drop off the crate, I'll let him have it a few more days just in case he wants it for security.......I'll bring pictures...Thanks so much, we both already Love him, I think Sam is still thinking about it....

Anne Murphy