Bo was making his owners sick. The young couple actually believed Bo's breeder who swore up and down that Eskies were fine for people who were plagued with allergies and so they opened their home to baby Bo. Then, for about 5 months, Mom and toddler were plagued with mysterious respiratory crises that they eventually pinned on poor Bo. And so, the family called us to find a home for their Eskie boy.

Since he was only 10 months old, everybody wanted Bo. I was not sure what kind of home would be perfect for him because he seemed a bit shy at first and had a one of the biggest Eskie mouths on the planet! But, once he met the Angels from God, I did not hear a peep out of him. Their influence astounds me. And so, Bo went about his business at the vet, and it was reported that he was a very good boy, indeed. And after Lovey Dovey's performance at the vet nearly ruined the reputation of Eskies everywhere, that is no small compliment.

I had settled on a home for Bo, but those folks opted for a pup from one of their local backyard breeders. This was a happy accident for Bo, because when I called Donna Corliss, who was our next qualified applicant, I could not have imagined nicer people and a more loving home. Donna and Gene Corliss, of Vermont, had just lost their beloved Eskie girl of 10 years, and Gene, in particular, was absolutely devastated. Somewhere in the midst of the grief and anguish, these folks were able to open their hearts to a rescue dog in need of a new home.

And so, the drive to Vermont was planned for the following Sunday. I have learned many profound truths in Rescue...but on that Sunday, I learned never, never to complain about a little rain. When I packed Bo in the car and headed north, there was a slight mist in the air and I headed out mourning the demise of an absolutely fabulous hair day. As I drove north, through Boston, a full fledged downpour ensued, and by the time I crossed the New Hampshire border, there were flurries of snow. Big deal, snow...I thought. I grew up in Chicago, I know snow. Ha.

As I proceeded the snow became more dense, and by the time I was 30 miles from my destination at the New Hampshire/Vermont border....I was in a blizzard, with white out conditions. And, my cell phone service pooped out. I could not see the car in front of me, but I could see dozens and dozens of cars flipped around on the meridian. Now I believe Harvey Leonard, Boston's Channel 5 Weatherman, when he says, if you don't like New England weather...wait five minutes."

The last 30 miles of the trip had made me 2 hours late when I finally careened into the parking lot to meet Donna and Gene, who were waiting patiently for their new baby. Bo was happy to get out of the car, and the first meeting with his new parents went wonderfully well.

Donna and Gene are thrilled with Bo and he is living it up in the Vermont snow. Our first report is wonderful, and we look forward to updates and new pictures soon.

March 9, 2003

Hi Denise,

Bo is doing great. The first night we put him in his crate with his Elmo and he spent the whole night with it in his mouth shaking his head so that Elmo kept hitting the sides of the crate. Iit sounded like a train going thru my house. The second night we didn't put Elmo in but put in one of his smaller toys--his way to get even with us that night was to bark all night. The third night he must have figured he may as well give in to it because every night since then he has been perfectly quiet all night. We figure we will use the crate for a couple more weeks at night then start trying him loose in our bedroom and see how that goes. He is doing so well. He had one accident the first day but other than that he has not messed in the house and is asking for the door when he needs to go out.

He is very playful and loves it when we play with him. Gene gave him his first bath and he didn't even mind being brushed and dried with the Blow Dryer. We had relatives here today with a toddler (16 months) and he was great with her, he is very gentle. My 8 year old grandson loves the way he can play with him. We have been taking pictures of him and when we finish the roll of film and I have my daughter show me how to get them on the computer I will send some to you. Gene and I are both happy with Bo and Bo seems to be happy with us also. Great match for all Tomorrow Bo is going for his first appointment with our Vet.