Blizzard is a lucky dog!  At the age of one, he was unceremoniously dumped behind the Sakonnet, Rhode Island police station.  Fortunately, this tiny Rhode Island town has an animal shelter that is connected to a veterinary hospital, so Blizzard received appropriate medical care until we could respond.  

Our robust boy was in great health, but did have some evidence of a leg fracture that had healed without any long term ill effects.  He was a perky and energetic houseguest in his New Jersey foster home, as any Eskie pup should be, and indeed, was long overdue for a loving home of his own. 

Blizzard was a typical high energy pup, without the benefit of much care, let alone obedience work.  We were looking for adopters who would be ready and willing to tackle the rigors of raising a young puppy.  Soon, we were pleased to hear from Stephanie and Mark of Staten Island, who were quite eager to add Blizzard to their active household.

They have survived the puppy period, and we are happy to receive these reports!

May 24, 2008

Dear Denise, Diane, and Susan (please forward this to Susan):

Barron is an absolute sweetie!  When we drove him home in the car he was very good and slept.  At first he barked and seemed afraid when it was time to get out.  We let him be and a few minutes later he came right out.  Since then he ate twice, took his medicine, had a few treats, drank lots of water.  He is becoming acclimated to us and the house very well.  He has kissed us all and follows us, but also feels comfortable to sleep.  Knowing he is surely tired from all the events, we are glad he feels comfortable to rest here.  This afternoon Mark (my husband) took him out for a few long walks and I think that Barron is taking a special liking to him.  

We have walked him a lot and he hasn't lifted his leg at all in the house.  I haven't put the belly band that Diane made for him on yet.  We bought him a cage and set it up today.  At dinnertime (as Diane suggested) we told him to go in and he went right in, not a peep!  He did go up and down the stairs, but it seems that he is not so comfortable with it, so we won't push him.  We can already see that he is very well behaved and loves the sofa!  He barks at strangers, but no different than my previous Eskie.  My father-in-law passed by to see him and he had the same reaction at first as he did to Mark (barking, seemed on the offense).  We notice that one has to earn his trust before you can stand right in front of him.  Height seems to intimidate him.   We are being very careful and sensitive to him but I feel that he trusts us enough to be comfortable here already.

We have decided to name him Barron 'Blizzard' since we are big snowmobilers and loved our weekends up in Lake George in the snow with our former Eskie.  Surely he will love it too.   What an eventful day for all of us.  Thank you to all of you and all of the people who so generously volunteer their time and financial support to the EskiesOnLine American Eskimo Dog Rescue.  I will send pictures and an update in a few days.  


June 18, 2009

Dear Diane and Denise,

Hope all is well.  It has been over a year now since (formerly Barron) Blizzard came into our lives.  We love him so much and couldn't imagine life without him.  He is healthy, happy, and has really improved with interacting with people over the past year.  He is fine when our 7 year old daughter has friends over, and now knows our extended families.  He just loves to bark at the neighbors and people walking by, but as we remember from our first Eskie, this is their nature.

Blizzard went on quite a few trips this past year, mostly upstate.  He loves the car. He is very much a morning dog, actually paws one of us in the face any time after 6 AM to get walked and fed.  At night it's a different story.  After 9 PM he is completely quiet and gets cozy on his corner of the sofa with his favorite blanket (and loves to be covered).  He is very routine, if someone else sits on the sofa besides dad, he just doesn't like it, and gets off!  There are certain rooms he likes, and others he doesn't.  He sleeps with one of us, mostly his dad Mark, but we all really fight over it and want him to sleep with each of us.  He kisses everyone; us, the vet, the groomer, guests.  Blizzard is just a complete joy and we are so happy to have rescued a dog in need of a home.  In a few weeks we have another baby coming into the family, and no doubt Blizzard will welcome the baby with us and be a great big brother.

I've attached some pictures for you to see how great he looks.  Take care,

Stephanie, Mark, and Doriana