KATRINA and BAILEY find a home together!


Doug and Heidi Chen contacted us over the summer about adopting not one, but two eskies!! These folks really love a challenge! After weeks of waiting and waiting for the right dynamic duo, Doug and Heidi decided to "mix and match" a pair of Eskies. They adopted the lovely and feisty Katrina from Connecticut Heart Bandits and, a few weeks later, the perfect companion appeared in the form of Bailey, who had been unceremoniously dumped in the Brooklyn Center For Animal Care and Control. Thanks to Audra Eckes, Bailey made his way to the Chens and is now keeping Katrina company. Katrina and Bailey were both shelter dogs who were dumped by their owners for frivolous reasons, and they have now found the love they deserve with Doug and Heidi. Here is what Doug says:

Dear Denise:

The kids are doing well!! They get along so well these days. During the last 2 days, we have just given Bailey free roam of the kitchen during the day that we are not home. So far so good! No mess. I was quite surprised because he's still not 100% housebroken. He also sleeps in his crate overnight. As for Katrina, she's quite a handful - she still tends to be wary of strangers, and she really does not like men at all. I think her past history probably had some abusive behavior from a male. She doesn't mind kids or females, but any male friend of mine, forget it!! I actually have a picture here - Bailey is the one on the sofa, Katrina is on the floor. I will try and get a story sometime before the year end!

Doug Chen