Our rescue boy, Bailey, is a true Heart Bandits Success Story! This beautiful dog was hit by a car this February. His owner took him to the vet and requested that he be put down to avoid the expense of reparing his broken leg! The good-hearted vet treated Bailey at his own expense and housed him in the basement of his New Jersey animal hospital The vet worked with a local rescue group, attempting to find a home for Snow, as he was called then. Finally, Heart Bandits was called in, and we were able to match Bailey with a new "Daddy," Mr. Bill Kraftsow, of Philadelphia. Audra Eckes, New York City Chapter Director, met Bill at a popular dog run in Hoboken, New Jersey, where Bill and Bailey got acquainted. Bailey was a bit shy at first, but warmed up to Bill, and they went off together to their happy home in Philly. Bill reports that Bailey is making steady progress with obedience commands and is settling in nicely in his new environment. This picture from Bill surely shows a happy, happy Bailey!


Bailey Update!

Bill reports that:

"on scale of 1 to 10, Bailey has been an 11 this week !! I took him to the Jersey shore and he was cool with the joggers, kids, fisherman, etc. Then, I took him to Petsmart and some kids came up from behind him to pet him and he was totally cool about it .-- and he likes to stick his head out the car window and let the wind hit his face all the time....people in other cars end up saying hi to him all the time at traffic lights. He is settling down alot, and the initial behavior quirks are no longer issues. And he is making in progress with playbiting too!. He's actually gone to sleep with his head on the adjacent pillow, his eyes directed at my eyes, his belly up against mine, his legs stretched out to lay next to my legs, etc....adorable. He's a great dog!!,,,, and he's so sweet.....sometimes rests his head right down on my chest.....or plants his front paws around me. I think he just needed love and someone setting rules. He's definitely at home now.....