This little girl was found near a restaurant on Long Island. A young boy came running up to two of the diners and told them he had found a dog and didnít know what to do. Being animal-lovers, they took the dog, confident they could find the dogís owners. After three weeks and no luck, they contacted Heart Bandits to try to find a good home for this tiny doll. The couple has larger dogs, none of whom cared for the new little fluffball very much. But the foster family could tell that she was a real treasure. It wasn't long before the perfect family for Baby Boo came along. Here is the first report from Robert and Marianna Tabacco:



Hi Audra,

Just updating you on Baby Boo. She has been a complete joy in our home. We had no real problems other then a few accidents. We made certain adjustments and not had a problem since. Boo seems to have a strong commitment to both of us. At times I even believe she gets confused by who she wants to hang out with the most. Of course she hangs out all day with my wife, but as soon as I get home for work she becomes attached to my hip. I must play immediately with her or she goes totally crazy. She loves greeting our guests with such joy and enthusiasm. Last week we had a couple of youngsters over, and she was so good with them. We are very proud of her and LOVE to "show her off." When we take her for walks, she really believes it's a social event for her and not to do her real business. Every child and animal she see's must think she is nuts. She stands on her hind legs and jumps up and down until they play with her. She loves to go for rides in the car...and this brings me to her next most favorite thing. Going to the park near our home and playing with the deer and other animals in the park. At first she didn't know what to make of the deer (I think she thought they were odd looking dogs), but grew to love them. She now has a very exstensive collection of balls and tug toys, nyla bones and frisbee's. Of course she never knows what to play with and,one by one, she takes them all out. Anyhow, we are very pleased she came into our lives and wouldn't trade her in for a million $. We consider her a true gift of love and "A Little Bit Of Heaven" who has arrived and stolen our hearts. Thank You and the Heart Bandits Organization for making our home a real and joyous place to come home to.

"With The Deepest, Respect and Regards, For All You Do"

Mr & Mrs Robert & Marianna Tabacco, Boo's Daddy and Mommy

Update, October 2002. New pictures are expected soon!

Hi Denise -

Another update of our "Baby Boo" on Vacation in Cape May Sept. 2002. We all had a wonderful time recently in Cape May! We found a very nice pet friendly hotel in Cape May along the main stretch called the "Marquee De Lafayette". The rooms were clean and service was good. Boo had a ball greeting and meeting new friends along the Promenade along the water. A beautiful place to spend a vacation with your Eskie. Recommend it to all who love romance in there lives, a must place to visit anytime of the year. A wonderful place to bike ride and to just walk and enjoy the old world charm of beautiful Victorian homes and Inn's. There are many Bed & Breakfast places to stay as well. We enjoyed ourselves so much we already booked the same week for 2003 at the "Inn Of Cape May". It's a wonderfully restored Victorian hotel facing the ocean, a very unique place to see because the entire hotel is a antique store. The lobby is full of old beautiful treasures and everywhere you walk through the hotel, including the hallways and dining rooms, you can see beautiful antiques. The charm of Cape May will entice anyone to return year after year. It is a very pet friendly town, not only for its warmth but for all it offers to the public in parks and events throughout the year. While we there we able to participate in the annual Kiwanis Club Dog Parade, Boo was in her glory to be with so many of her friends.

To update you a bit more on Boo, she has been in very good health and we have yet, thank god, had no health scares with her. She as always is just the fit and trim Boo she was when we received her. Our lives together are filled with much Love and Joy, since Boo arrived to steal our hearts. As always what can we say, but many thanks to you and Audra.

"May God Bless You Both For All You Do"!

"With the Deepest Respect And Gratitude"

Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Marianna Tabacco