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Baby is a very special Heart Bandits rescue girl who has touched all of our hearts. We watched with keen interest as she grew from a rather precocious, opinionated a sweet little love who exemplifies the qualities that people love in this breed. She was rescued, but then surrendered by her rescuers -- an older couple who could not match Baby's energy level. Once in the Heart Bandits system, Baby spent time with Diane Gonzalez in New Jersey before making her way to Quincy, Massachusetts, to visit the Angels from God. After two weeks of TLC in foster care, Baby mellowed out a bit and was ready to go into a new home.



We were looking for a savvy dog owner who would not be afraid of some serious obedience training. And so, I was pleased to hear from Iris and Selig Folkson of New York. These wonderful folks had owned a white German Shepherd who had recently passed on. Now they were ready for an Eskie challenge. And, oddly, Baby resembled their shepherd girl, but with an Eskie twist. So, the Angels From God made their first ever trip over the Throg's Neck Bridge, as we made our way to Queens, New York. Baby managed to chew up her leash mid-trip. So, by the time we reached the Folksons', we were all tired, and edgy.
Iris greeted me, and we took the dogs for a quick potty walk before going into the house. Iris is a petite lady, and Baby did her best to drag Iris down the street. I was thrilled to see Iris take charge of the situation with a forceful "NO," and even more thrilled to see Baby pay attention! This adoption was off to a good start! When we entered the Folkson home, Baby acted as though she had always lived there. She paid equal attention to Iris and Selig, and totally won them over while I was ravenously munching on bagels with lox and cream cheese. Soon thereafter, we discovered an errant poop in the living room, and I graciously claimed it on behalf of The Angels From God, so as not to cast any aspersions on Baby's adoption day. We are so happy that Baby has found the right folks to love her as she should be loved. Here is Iris's first report:

Hi Denise,

I've been meaning to email you, but things keep getting in the way. Baby is wonderful. She is now walking like a dog instead of a "puller"..not at heel just yet, but she is no longer taking me for a walk. She sits and gives her paw. She is almost controlling herself when I come home, but she still can't resist jumping a wee bit. I don't need the crate - haven't even set it up. Let me know how to get it back to Heart Bandits for re-use. Tomorrow is her vets appointment. Baby has captivated everyone she has met. She is precious and a love. Thank you for letting us adopt her.


Update, May 2001:

Hi Denise,

I found this story on Baby and can't believe it's the same dog. ("BABY? She Ain't No Freakin' Baby!!!") Now I know why you were so concerned about the storm door. She does need some training just to be around people and other dogs. When we go into the yard, she comes back in when I call her. Believe it or not she no longer jumps when I come home. Instead she follows me into the kitchen and sits and waits to be noticed. What a change in a few weeks. By the way, we've been to the vet and she got a perfect "10". He said she is one of the sweetest Eskies he's ever met. (There are several in his practice). Pictures will follow.

Iris Folkson