I swear that it is a miracle every time that we find a home for a senior dog. In Aspen's case we were able to find him two homes! Initially, Aspen was part of a two-dog pack, with companion Halley, whose owner had passed away and left these great dogs homeless. The owner's family stepped up to the plate and took in these dogs, but soon realized that they had bitten off more than they could chew.

We took Halley about a year ago, and were scheduled to take Aspen to his new home, when the surrogate owners decided they couldn't part with him. Then, Aspen's separation anxiety finally convinced them to turn him over to us about 6 months later. The original folks we had in mind for Aspen had adopted another dog, so we were at square one.

I was absolutely ecstatic to hear from Sandie, who had adopted our girl, Sophie, about 5 years ago. Soph was one of the first adoptions I did after moving to Massachusetts, and she left an indelible impression on me, and on the Angels From God. I had enjoyed reading Sandie's "Soph Updates." over the years, and was pleased that she now wanted to adopt Aspen.

So we drove Aspen up to Massachusetts, and Sandie, Tim and daughter, Kate, drove down...battling rush hour Boston traffic to meet Aspen. And he sure didn't disappoint them! Aspen took to Katie right away, and has continued to bond with his "best girl."

Here is Sandie's report:

January 31, 2005

Hi Denise!

My to-do list includes getting you an update with some pictures. Aspen is so great! We're still working on the barking issue but I'm sure that was something that was encouraged, especially if he lived with an older person. He only barks when somebody pulls into the driveway but then continues barking when they come into the house. A water bottle only needs to be SHOWN and he shuts right up! He just loves Kate and spends the whole night on her bed. He went to playgroup with us last week but it was obvious heíd never been around so many dogs before and spent most of the time in Katlynís arms! Just as well, Sophie needs something thatís just hers! There have been a few spats, one where Aspen whined for quite a while after Sophie put the chomp on his leg. Hey, don't take her chewie then! He watches us out the window when we leave and itís pretty darned cute.

Weíve been feeding him extra at night when Kate goes to bed. I have a feeling that just because the bowls are empty when we get home, that doesn't mean heís getting any! Sophie is probably thinking itís a buffet! SO when he goes in Katlynís room for the night, I fill his bowl again.

He should have been named Prancer! His gait is so funny, like a little show dog, walking on his tippy-toes!

I promise Iíll have something for you this week! Thanks for checking in.

Sandie, Tim, Kate, Soph and Aspen