I don't understand how Nature can scrunch the spirit of an Akita into a 10 pound Julie....but that is what happened. This little girl is a spitfire...or hellfire...depending on your vantage point--or as her foster mom, Cindy Halliday, put it....Julie is a "real pistol." Rumor has it that Julie was found scuttling about the local ski resort in Ascutney, Vermont. After a few weeks of hobnobbing with resorters, Julie was snagged by our friend, Lynn Esty, who runs the Heart Bandits Chapter of Vermont. Lynn's adorable little girl, Emma, promptly named the new visitor, "Julie" and Lynn placed her in a New Hampshire foster home.

After a short stint in foster care, Julie was placed in a "forever" home. Inititally the new arrangement suited Julie, but then, she began registering complaints with her new Mom for taking a part time job that took her away from home for a few hours each day. Julie took to "spite pooping" on the carpet while left alone those few hours. Well, her "spite pooping" strategy did not get her the attention she got her kicked out of the house. I hope that Toot, who is a seasoned "spite pooper" is paying attention. Be that as it may, Lynn phoned me to ask for our help in placing this little girl.

Lynn and Julie

And, so we met in New Hampshire to introduce Julie to the Angels From God, and Irma La Deuce....and then we made our we to Cindy Halliday's foster home in Southern Maine. Now, "spite pooping" notwithstanding, Julie was an absolutely adorable little girl with an outgoing, lovable temperament. I had the perfect adopter in mind for her....Marilyn Flor met us at Cindy's with her girls, Polar, a young Samoyed, and Lady, a 10 year old standard Eskie. Marilyn was looking for a female eskie to round out her pack, and we thought that Julie was the ideal dog for her. Well....we were wrong. When the 70 pound Polar entered the room, Julie went nuts trying to hump and boss Polar, who just stood there in shock over the indignity of it all.

And, then, we thought the perfect home popped up for Julie in Manhattan. But, I guess "perfect" is clearly in the eye of the beholder because Julie lasted there four months before wearing out her welcome. And so, she wound up back with the Angels From God in Quincy, Massachusetts....and she quickly became Contender Number 5 for the position of 4th Angel from God. And that is when it started. The continuous nag...nag....nagging from my so called friends who think that I should not have five dogs.

Anouk checks out Brooklyn...

I went about my usual routine of ignoring Ann and Diane, and avoiding potential adopters for Julie, who had sustained a name change in Manhattan and was now going by Anouk...or my version, "Nook." As luck would have it, I had an emergency run to make to the Brooklyn CACC to pick up our girl Glo, which had me on the road with Nikita, Nadia, Toot, Irma La Deuce, and my Nook, along with Joey who was going to his new home. When we picked up Ann en route...I thought that Nook would be going home with her. But, no, Ann showed unbelievable restraint as Nook rode in her lap the whole way to Brooklyn.

Later that night I found myself at Diane Gonzalez's house with the pack, including Nook, where I thought that James Gonzalez, Diane's five year old son, was going to claim Nook for his own...and he promptly renamed her Danielle....Dani for short. I was convinced that this little ten pound dog was going to break Diane's perfect record for never keeping a foster dog.

Anouk had a very good time on her road trip.

As a preventative measure, Diane put Nook into foster care with some of our adopters, Terry and Eric, who adopted Kimba from us last year, and she spent a couple of weeks romping with Miss Kimba, who really gave her a run for her ten pounds. When Terry and Eric brought Nook back to Diane's one Friday night, they were sad to see her go, but thrilled that she was heading to her forever home.


At last....Anouk's forever home had turned up...and not a moment too soon. I knew when I first talked to Betty Lou Maitland that this was going to be IT, FOR SURE. I simply could not believe that this cute, perfect little dog had bounced around so much...and that she had so many names!! And it looks like I was right. Nook took to Betty and Larry right away, and seemed to be so at home with them. Our first reports are really wonderful...and when I wonder why it took us so long to find her the right home...I know that we must have been waiting for the Maitlands to show up.

Betty and Larry promise us pictures and an update soon.