What a story this is! Miss Anja was found wandering around the local KMart in Oswego, New York. The store manager called in the resident "dog lady" -- a store employee who has not less than five Portugese Water Dogs at home! And so, Anja -- at age eight months -- went to her first foster home. After I received Marilyn's call for help in placing Anja, we struggled for a few days over the transportation -- a seven hour drive to Massachusetts. At the last possible moment, Marilyn's friends volunteered to transport Anja to the Worcester Dog Show, where they were scheduled to show their fine line of Whippets. I drove out to meet Miss Anja, with the help of Heart Bandits Volunteer Dorry Stone. We were able to get this frightened young beauty into a crate, where she felt safe during the show. Later, I took her home to Quincy, Massachusetts and immediately popped her into the bathtub for the ceremonial "slosh and scrub." Anja cleaned up beautifully and was raring to go on the next leg of her journey to meet Lynn Esty, her new foster mom. Anja did not last in our system long: she was snapped up by the Tim Whitney Family in Vermont. It was love at first sight. Who wouldn't love this angelic little girl?


Here is our first note from Tim:



Our vet recently commented about Anja's great personality. She gave a thumbs up! Misty and Anja are still not on the best terms. The cat is slowly warming up. In Anja's frisky moments she sends the cat to the highest counters. Anja is being let out in the mornings with Misty (no leash), sometimes on her own, and returns to the house just fine. Admittedly, I have been using the rain and cold temperatures to assist in training. Misty had the habit of barking when she was finished so we didn't have to stand by the door. Since Anja's arrival, she hasn't barked to be let in. She's been satisfied to wait at the door or at the window until someone notices her. I'm sure it will work out.

Regards, Tim