UPDATE, Fall 2006!

Our Little Angel has been one of the unluckiest dogs on the planet. It seems that her owner got himself arrested in upstate New York...but, before he could be carted off to jail, he had the presence of mind to tie Angel to a tree in the trailer park where he lived. When Animal Control officers were called to remove Angel from the premises, she was transferred to a local multi-breed rescue group.

Angel's rescuers were delighted with her sweet, outgoing personality...despite her disability. Angel's right front leg had been amputated after she was hit by a truck while off leash. Rather than pay for surgery to set the leg, Angel's owner had elected to have her leg amputated.

And so, Angel learned to make the best of things. She amazed us by running and playing, and keeping up with the other dogs in her overcrowded foster home. In fact, she is agile and graceful, and doesn't seem to miss that leg at all. She can nuzzle into your arms much better without it...and you don't feel that bony elbow poking you in the ribs, as you would with a four legged dog.

With her owner in jail, Angel took up residence with her foster mom, who soon called us for help. At Angel's initial vet visit in foster care, she was diagnosed heartworm positive. We agreed to take her immediately and start treatment...but we had not factored in the foster mom's "love." Angel was so loved by this lady that she couldn't "bear" to give her up. And, apparently she couldn't "bear" to provide heartworm treatment either, because Angel went nearly three months without lifesaving treatment.

We were relieved that Angel's foster mom was able to "let go" while there was still enough time to effect the cure. As soon as this woman agreed to the transfer, our foster folks, Mike and Diane of New York, rushed her to Albany, to meet me, where I in turn, rushed Angel to our vet in Massachusetts. Angel received her heartworm treatment, and I was charged with the dubious challenge of keeping her QUIET for 30 days. Oye, could it even be done?

Well, Angel met the Angels From God, Irma La Deuce, and my foster girl, Queenie...and it certainly did not seem possible to maintain anything close to quiet. But, things cooled down, and Angel took her place on the bed, without further AFG comment.

It was a tense 30 days, but Angel pulled through. Then, it was time to meet her adopters. Tim and Lisa of Manhattan were our top choice for Angel. Our webmaster, Ann, had run into them in the NYC neighborhood, with their last Eskie, Nike, who had passed on last year. Tim and Lisa were so anxious to adopt Angel that they drove to Boston to meet her. Angel worked them like a pro and they were hooked. We agreed to the adoption and they were planning to pick up Angel after the holidays. We then transferred her to Mike and Diane in upstate New York for the last month of her stay with us.

Toot supervises the introduction of Angel to Lisa and Tim.

However, Angel had her new parents so hooked that they drove up to Mike and Diane's house on Christmas Eve to get her. And, now, she is settled in and adjusting beautifully in her new home.

Here is Lisa's first report:

Angel is doing great. She loves being on our couch and bed (gee, we're so glad we purchased a nice doggy bed...sigh...), and has already tried to play with our cats (to their dismay). She's still adapting to all the sounds, people, and dogs in the city, but loves to run down the streets and sniff just about everything. She likes seeing and smelling all the other dogs in the city, and soon she'll probably love playing with them too.

She brings us dozens of smiles every day, and I think we do the same. Thank you so very much for making this possible.

We will keep in touch with even more pictures!

Angel explores a Manhattan dog run.


UPDATE, Winter 2006


Update, September 2006!

Hi Denise,

Tim & I have been meaning to send this one picture to you for a while.  We were hiking in Pennsylvania and Angel could just not resist a good roll around in the leaves.  She is just too cute!  She finally sat still long enough for a picture!  Hope you enjoy it!!

I hope all is well.  Your stories on the website are too great!

Take Care,