I am never surprised anymore at the reasons some owners dump their dogs. But, I was first surprised and then dumbfounded by Angel's story. This is an example of such extreme, supreme stupidity, that I just can't think of any way to sugarcoat the events....despite Diane Gonzalez's admonitions to give ex-owners a little more sympathy.

Purchased at a pet store, Angel was still peeing in the house at 8 months of age. Obviously, her owners were failing Housetraining 101. And so, they declared Angel untrainable, and took her the Northwood Veterinary Clinic in New Hampshire to be whacked. The sensible vet thought that euthanasia was a bit harsh for a bit of rampant she examined Miss Angel and diagnosed a rampant urinary tract infection. When she discussed the problem with Angel's owners, they backpedaled off the "peeing in the house" excuse and revealed that they were not allowed to have pets in their apartment.

And so the kind folks at Northwood did a complete veterinary exam, brought Angel up to date on her shots, and spayed her. Now, my task was to wade through the dozens of applications on her and make the best match possible for this little girl. Making the right match is a tough call if you haven't yet met the dog, but reports on Angel from the vet were stellar. She had shown no signs of wanting to bite anyone, despite her right to be very pissed off at people by now.

Angel meets Snowball, another foster Eskie.

As I was reading applications, I was struck by one from Brian and Kathy Kiser of Massachusetts, who sent me the nicest letter and photo of their Eskie Duke. It seemed to me that this well-behaved Eskie would be an excellent big brother for Angel, and so, we made plans for the Kisers to meet Angel.

The first step was to retrieve Angel from New Hampshire, and I called on my friend Cindy Halliday, who was happy to snag Angel and drive her down to me. When Cindy met Angel, she was ready to kidnap her and go sweet was this dog. And, as Cindy was leaving with Angel, one of the vet techs confided that Angel's owners really owned two dogs. They dumped Angel and kept the PUG. Enough said on that subject, as I know Eskie owners everywhere are cringing.

Cindy and Angel.

And so, once Cindy arrived, Angel became one with the Angels from God and my other rescue, Snowball. The playing was endless and we really were seeing the best of Toot's House of Love. When the Kisers arrived, things had settled down a bit, and I was so impressed with their dog Duke. When adopters show up with a beautiful, well behaved, obedient comfort level increases! Angel and Duke were fast friends, and the adoption went very smoothly.

Angel has been re-christened Ruby and she and Sir Duke are having quite the romance. It has been tough for the Kisers to keep her quiet per vet instructions after her spay. Early reports indicate that Angel is making some progress on the housetraining, and we are all sure that she will catch on quickly, especially under Duke's supervision.

Kathy with Angel. As Duke gets to know Toot, Irma watches from the safety of Cindy's arms.

March 11, 2003

Hi Denise,

Once again, thank you for Ruby, she's fantastic and Duke is so happy to have a companion. They're perfect for each other. We'll eventually send pictures and a note about her adjustment in her new home with Duke and us!

Kathy Kiser