Our Angelica came to us over the Christmas Holiday last year. The folks at the Women's Humane Society in Ben Salem, Pennsylvania, contacted us about this sweet little girl, named Mittens -- who in typical Eskie style was acting up at the shelter.

And so, Diane Gonzalez trekked up to the shelter to pick up Mittens...who immediately got a well-deserved name change. Diane christened her "Angelica" in the spirit of the holiday, and we had the pleasure of her company during Christmas week. I was visiting over the holiday with the Angels From God, Irma La Deuce, as well as our other holiday girl, Noelle.

It was a full house, to be sure, and Angelica was pleased at Diane's invitation to sleep in the bed....along with the Gonzalez alpha queen, Lady. The week flew by, and shortly thereafter, we received an application from Pam and Tony Senia of New Jersey, and it looked like Angelica was going to be perfect for them. The adoption meeting went well, and Angelica went to her new home with a big smile on her face....no doubt glad to be free of the 10 Eskies who were her housemates at Diane's.

Pam and Tony are so happy with Angelica -- here is their first report:

Dear Denise,

Angelica is making herself at home.....has an anxiety complex, though, when we leave the house. I come home to find my things out of place because she pulls them up on the bed with her...Tony's slipper, my nightgown..washcloth from the tub. She even found a piece of wrapped candy on my nightstand that she carefully unwrapped and ate. Neat little thing! As we come home, we see a cute little face at our window waiting for us.

Our friends came over and she went right to him and jumped up on the couch for him to pet her.....no growling or snipping...even warmed up to his wife, letting her pet her also. As we ate dessert, she laid under the table and did not retreat to the bedroom......she's finally becoming social!!! After a walk yesterday, she let the neighbors across the street pet her. When she snipped at the kids, it must have been out of fear of being in a new place since we had only had her a couple of days. She's really been good, we can't complain.

She was an "Angel" for the vet. He said her heart and lungs sounded good and she appeared very healthy...age between 18 mos and 2 years. He drew blood for a heartworm test and she never flinched. I got her license today so she's an official resident of Piscataway.

I will sit down and try to compose an article.....writing is not one of my strong points.


Pam Senia