He was called Angel, and he bounced around a bit in our system before settling into the right home. He was rescued from a Pennyslvania shelter over a year ago and placed in an adoptive home. There Angel was extremely skittish and shy and didn't warm up to this new people. At one point the adoptor considered a drug intervention! Finally, it was determined that Angel would be better suited to another home, so Diane Gonzalez took him to her place for foster care. We didn't know what to make of Angel at first. He was afraid of everything and completely overwhelmed by all the action at Diane's place.

Then, we introduced him to a new rescue dog named Oakley at a Heart Bandits function in New Jersey. Oakley was just as shy as Angel; but when the two met, they became fast friends. They shocked us by PLAYING! We began to think that both these dogs could benefit from being placed in a home with other dogs! So, Angel came to stay with me and the Angels From God in Massachusetts, and the playing just never seemed to die down. Just how much joy can one household stand??? Angel was a completely different dog. Soon, we had adoptors lined up; but, unfortunately, an unexpected and nasty allergy prevented them from keeping him. So, Angel came back to my place. The Angels From God were actually delighted to see him!

After a few days at my place, Angel found his way to his new home in New London, Connecticut. When I first spoke to Diane Smolenski, I was struck by the fact that her story was similar to mine. She had wanted a dog all her life, but "Mom" was against the idea! Sadly, Diane lost her mom a few years ago but did pursue her dog wish. She acquired the adorable Eskie, Walter, who is the light of her life.

left: Walter's birthday party.  right: Walter is Batman!

I was "sold" on Diane and Walter as the right home for Angel...but then, Diane produced evidence to confirm my intuition. She brought out a shoebox of photographs of Walther....in triplicate.....organized by event...Walter's Birthday Party...Walter's Halloween Costumes... And then I knew beyond doubt that she was "bats" enough to be an Eskie owner. I just had to snag some of these unbelievable "Walter" shots for the adoption page.

Angel (renamed Wendell) and Walter have become fast friends, although Walter was hard pressed to share Diane's attention at first. But all is going along wonderfully; and Wendell has earned full run of the house. Diane notices that the Oriental rugs are askew when she comes home from work each day--because of the fun and games. Here is our first note from Diane....pictures to follow!


Just a quick note to let you know that all is going well with Wendell. I think Walter is a little jealous of the new addition, because he is displaying some new and not so nice behaviors. Oh well, such is life. Wendell immediately took to my father and they instantly became best buddies. I made a vet appointment. on the 12th and I'll let you know how everything goes. Thanks for bringing Wendell into our lives.

Diane Smolenski