Alea started off her life as a New Yorker. Then, her family moved to New Jersey, and soon had to move again out of state. And, so, Alea found herself in need of a new home. Diane Gonzalez and I drove to north Jersey to meet Alea, and we were charmed right away. What an absolute beauty, she is....and so smart and well cared for.

When we were looking over our applications we wanted the absolute best for Alea, so I immediately thought of Julia Hart and Tom Tinory of central Massachusetts. I had met Julia and Tom previously, when I introduced them to our problem child, Sparky2, who made a complete fool out of me right after I described him as "the best dog we have ever had." After an absolutely ghastly adoption meeting with our Sparkadoodle, I was almost embarrassed to call Julia again! I was thrilled that Julia and Tom wanted to meet Alea, and I took her back to Massachusetts with me for the introduction.

It was a gorgeous summer day when the Angels from God, Irma La Deuce, Baby Face Nelson, and I accompanied Alea to her adoption meeting. Julia and Tom own the most sensational antique house, with magnificient grounds and the dogs had a field day playing and exploring. Alea made quite an impression, and Julia and Tom just love her. I want to personally thank Alea for not embarassing me, as Sparkadoodle did, especially since Nadia managed to park her fat butt in Julia and Tom's birdbath. Honestly, you can't take these dogs anywhere. Here is Julia's first report:

Hi Denise,

I hope all is well. Things here are great. Alea is just a wonderful little dog. Even though I am sure it was the best thing for her, neither Tom nor I can believe that someone could give her up. We are really enjoying her. I think she had made the transition from city dog to country dog quite nicely. She loves her walks in the woods (suspended now due to hunting season) and really goes nuts over the squirrels and chipmunks. Initially she looked for them on the ground, especially in the stone walls, but now she looks up into the trees to find them as well! We play ball in the back yard a lot. Man can she run! She is learning to catch the frisbee, although so far she still thinks that the best thing to do with the frisbee is chew on it.

You were right about the plush toys, she just destroys them. She loves the squeaker noise though, so we try to keep one toy that is just for play, say for five minutes a day. Even at that, we go through one plush toy every one to two weeks.

The cats are adjusting. Matisse is still the head of the household, even though he is declawed. Sometimes he sits in the middle of the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and won't let Alea pass when I go up. So she cries for a few seconds and then turns around, goes to the other set of stairs at the other end of the house and avoids the cat that way. We now have three beggars at the supper table instead of two; the cats overcome their reservations when there is food to be had and Alea does not want to miss out on any potential action either.

We had family up for Thanksgiving, including my one year old niece. The first day Alea was a bit nervous and yappy, but by the time everyone left she was quite the little angel. Everyone really enjoyed her; again she is just such a nice little dog. That's it for now. Drop us a line when you have a chance.


- Julia and Tom