Miss Abby was too good a dog to stick around rescue very long. Abby's owners had experienced just one too many New England winters and were hell bent on moving to the Great State of Florida. And, sad to say, the condo development that they had bought into was not a dog friendly joint. Well...let me just say that Toot would track me down and haunt me like a bad smell until the day I die, if I ever moved into an apartment without her. Hell hath no fury like an indignant Toot.

And yet, Miss Abby was much more amenable to the notion of leaving her Florida bound owners to stay in beautiful New England, where there is tons of glorious snow for her to romp in. And, since she was such a beauty, and a charmer, and well-behaved, it was a piece of cake to find a new family for her.

I had been talking with Lillian of Maine for a few weeks, and her family was eager to adopt an Eskie. Lillian and her family had recently lost their Eskie, Sugar, to illness. According to Lillian, Sugar was a real handful. See...I like this in an adopter...when someone has experience managing an Eskie whose behavior is much, much worse than any one I could provide. And yet, as former Eskie owners, these folks knew just what a special breed this is, and they were ready to take on the rigors of Eskieness.

Abby was smitten with this family right from the beginning. She planted herself in the middle of the family action and hung on for dear life. I don't think that I have ever seen a happier dog leave an adoption meeting! From Lillian's glowing report below...I hope that Angel's exemplary behavior doesn't ruin the Eskie reputation for being quirky.

Here is Lillian's recent report:

March 24, 2004

Hi Denise, How excited we were to get your e-mail! We were just saying the other day..."we should call Denise and tell her how happy we are to have "Angel-Abby!"

She is JUST PERFECT! She's a Joy! We renamed her "Angel" a name that best suits her personality!

After having a fear/aggressive American Eskimo for 13 years, we are constantly amazed at how friendly this breed CAN be! Although we still have a special place in our hearts for our last dog "Sugar" we have found another special place for Angel!

She treats everyone in our family with equal love and attention. She is playful and has become a permanent member of our family. By now, she has met all of our friends and extended family and is loved by everyone! She too seems to be very happy here with us, as our family has plenty of energy to play with her and give her the love an attention she needs!

We went away on vacation and had to put her in a kennel for one week. She enjoyed being with the other dogs, had a "day of beauty" (groomed) and the kennel staff commented on what a "GOOD DOG she is!" We are so pleased to have her!

Please share with your perspective adoptive families that you truly kept your word and found our family a lifelong pet! We will always be grateful for your wonderful service to rescue this beautiful breed.

Thank you!

Lillian, David, Anthony, Christina & David ...and "Abby Angel too!"